Israel Violates Lebanese Sovereignty: Lebanon to File Complaint

Lebanon's foreign minister, Gebran Bassil. (Photo: via

Lebanon’s foreign minister has asked his country’s diplomats at the UN to file a complaint “urgently” to the Security Council regarding the latest Israeli violations of Lebanese sovereignty, Anadolu reported on Friday.

Jobran Bassil has sent a letter to the UN Security Council stating, “Since the Israeli occupation forces persist in violating Lebanon’s sovereignty and fail to comply with international resolutions, particularly 1701, we hereby ask you [the diplomats] to inform the concerned authorities in the United Nations, particularly the Security Council, of Israel’s offences in the occupied Lebanese part of Al-Ghajar and Shebaa Farms.”

According to the Chinese Xinhua news agency, Israel has imposed new rules, regulations and taxes and also established new illegal settlements in the occupied parts of Al- Ghajar. In addition, the construction of new roads and other infrastructure has started in the occupied Shebaa Farms area.

It is also reported that Hezbollah has condemned Israel for what it is doing The Lebanese movement called on the government to “defend Lebanon’s sovereignty” and “take the necessary measures in the face of the rejected Israeli moves.”

In 2006, Israel launched a 33-day war against Hezbollah after its militia captured three Israeli soldiers.

Around 900,000 Lebanese people were displaced during the war, more than 1,000 killed, with another 3,000 wounded. Resolution 1701 was issued when the war ended, aiming to reinforce the role of the UN peacekeeping mission in the south of Lebanon and ban any military presence or cross-border attacks by Hezbollah.


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