Abbas Dismisses Members from Fatah Party

PA President Mahmoud Abbas. (Photo: File)

Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, issued orders on Thursday dismissing members from Fatah, the ruling party of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Head of the media committee of Fatah, Munir al-Jaghoub, identified the dismissed party members as former Minister of Local Governance, Khaled Fahd al-Qawasmeh, and Deputy Head of the Hebron Municipality, Jawdi Abu Sneineh.

Al-Jaghoub told Ma’an that the decision to dismiss them came after al-Qawasmeh and Abu Sneineh ran for elections on lists other than Fatah’s in Hebron’s municipal elections, adding that additional members of the party would also be dismissed at a later date.

The Fatah Central Committee demanded that members commit to Fatah’s party list during the elections, saying that any member that ran on a different list and did not withdraw by Sep. 5 would be dismissed.

However, al-Qawasmeh said he had not received any official dismissal orders from Fatah.

The decision to dismiss al-Qawasmeh and Sneineh came just a day after the Palestinian Supreme Court in Ramallah cancelled municipal elections following several appeals challenged the legitimacy of the elections.


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