A report has revealed that Israel’s Mossad operatives use passports belonging to foreign nationals serving with the Israeli military to carry out covert operations abroad.

According to the report published in the Times of London on Saturday, the Mossad agents mainly use passports belonging to British and French nationals for their operations.
A British national who had voluntarily joined the Israeli military in 2009 said a “young woman from Mossad” asked him to lend his passport in the beginning of his service claiming that the move would demonstrate the Briton’s "commitment" to Israel.
The report said the passport was given back to the British national after 18 months of military service and that he was “surprised to find stamps in it from Turkey and Azerbaijan, countries that he had never visited.”
A French national also said in an interview with the Times that months after the beginning of his voluntary service for the Israeli military, a woman asked him to give her his passport. The passport was returned a year later with “stamps from Russia and several other countries.”
The British newspaper added that there have been “several occasions” where foreign nationals have been asked by Israeli agents to “lend their passports” to the intelligence agents.
The foreign nationals have reportedly filed complaints with the judiciary of their countries of origin over the issue.
(Press TV)

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