Land Day in Gaza – Live Blog

Tens of thousands of people gathered to the border, to take part in Land Day protests, also marking the one year anniversary of “The Great March of Return,” as the National Committee for Breaking the Siege […]

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Activists Plan Land Day Events

International activists are making the final preparations for the Global March to Jerusalem to commemorate the Palestinian Land Day on March 30. Pro-Palestinian activists plan to hold a demonstration near the southern Lebanese border on […]

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Land Day Tigers

By Hatim Kanaaneh The headline in Haaretz announced: ‘Police gearing up for possible Land Day trouble.’ I called my village buddy and asked him what to make of that. Toufiq agreed that it foreboded ill. […]

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Remembering Land Day

By Jonathan Cook – Arrabeh Palestinians across the Middle East were due to commemorate Land Day today, marking the anniversary of clashes in 1976 in which six unarmed Palestinians were shot dead by the Israeli army […]