All We Ask

By Sam Hamod

(For Our Brothers and Sisters In Palestine, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia)

We want very little

a sip of fresh water, a small piece of bread,

perhaps an olive again, if the trees have not been smashed,

a door my key will fit, so I can go home,

quiet, so there are no more drones,
and when you come by, in your heavily laden uniforms,
every now and then

a smile, and from Allah,

a bit of sunshine, even some rain,

just small things, not much

a bit of fresh air, without the smell of gunfire, rockets or phosphorous,

just a sky clear of jets and rockets, so that we may see

a sun that wanders off late in the afternoon

and a moon that whispers,

we shall sleep now,

praying, tomorrow will be a better day

– (c: sam hamod, 2010) Sam Hamod is a poet who was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry, has published 10 books of poems, the winner of the Ethnic Heritage Prize for Poetry, taught at The Writers Workshop of The U. of Iowa, Princeton, Michigan, Howard and edited THIRD WORLD NEWS in Washington, DC. He contributed this poem to Contact him at:

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