Australian Police in Israel over Dubai Terror

A team of Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers have arrived in Israel to investigate the use of three Australian passports by a hit squad who assassinated a Hamas commander in Dubai.

Three officers arrived in Tel Aviv on Wednesday to investigate three Australians whose passports were forged by the 27-member team that murdered Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in his Dubai hotel room in January 19.

After the assassination, Dubai police released photos and information about the 27 suspects, who entered the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with British, Irish, German, French and Australian passports to commit the murder.

According to the police, the suspects have fled the UAE on flights to Europe and Asia.

The Israeli spy agency, Mossad, is widely suspected of carrying out the assassination. While Israel has neither confirmed nor officially denied involvement in the plot, the Israeli media has hinted at Mossad’s role in the assassination.

At least 15 of the suspected killers share names with Israeli citizens.

(Press TV)

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