Brits Are Bashing Israel, Envoy Says

Israel’s ambassador to the UK has accused the British public of “delegitimizing and demonizing” Israel, saying that they are not aware of Israel’s challenges.

Ambassador Ron Prosor told The Times that there was a discrepancy between the British government’s treatment of Israel and the position adopted by members of the public, media, and universities.

“Sometimes we feel people from the outside are pointing fingers at us instead of giving us a big hug, which is what we need in this region,” the Israeli envoy said.

“We are the only democracy in this region and the challenges we have against us are enormous. People are not aware of that, or not enough aware of that,” he added.

“I think governments are more aware of the challenges and the relations between governments are very, very strong, but I am afraid, because there is a gap between the government and the public opinion, this will, at the end of the day, go against Israel in the long term,” Prosor said.

(Press TV)

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