Palestinian Composer of Revolutionary Songs Dies at 76 (VIDEO)

Palestinian composer, Mahdi Abusirdana. (Photo: via SAMA)

Palestinian composer, Mahdi Abusirdana, known to be “The composer of the Palestinian revolution songs” died at Palestine Hospital in Cairo yesterday, at ther age of 76, after days of struggle from a severe illness.

Palestinian ambassador to Cairo, Jamal Alshobaki, said Abusirdana was a well-known composer who gave a lot to the Palestinian cause, whose works became well-known by every Palestinian and who added to the archives of Palestinian revolutionary songs.

Abusirdana was born in Alfalouja village in the Greater Gaza District in Mandate Palestine on the October, 15, 1940. His family fled to Jordan in 1948 and he returned to Gaza where he early in life joined the Palestinian revolution at the time.

He worked at the Voice of Arabs, which broadcast from Cairo in 1958. Later he joined the Voice of the Storm broadcasting station, run by the Palestinian revolution, which was broadcasting from Cairo.

The most famous song he composed was “Ishhad Alina ya Alam w Ala Bayrout” (O World, be witness to us and to Beirut), which honored the Palestinian steadfastness during the time of The siege on Beirut by Israel for 80 days in 1982.


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