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Al-Aqsa Has been Abandoned by Those Who Profess the Leadership of the Muslim World

By Dr. Daud Abdullah It is said that hardship often brings out the best in the human character, yet the tragic situation at Al-Aqsa Mosque has failed to stir the moral fibers of the religious establishments in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Their cold indifference to the plight of Islam’s third holiest site is unworthy of institutions that […]

Kingdom of Olives and Ashes: Writers Confront the Occupation – Book Review

Reviewed by Jim Miles (Kingdom of Olives and Ashes – Writers Confront the Occupation. Michael Chabon, Ayelet Waldman, Ed. HarperCollins Publishers, Toronto. 2017.) A collection of twenty-six writers, Kingdom of Olives and Ashes touches on all the main elements of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. All are well written, as they should be for a […]

The Story behind the Jerusalem Attack: How Trump and Netanyahu Pushed the Palestinians into a Corner

By Ramzy Baroud Early October 2016, Misbah Abu Sbeih left his wife and five children at home and then drove to an Israeli police station in Occupied Palestinian East Jerusalem. The 39-year-old Jerusalemite was scheduled to hand himself over to serve a term of 4 months in jail for, allegedly, trumped up charges of ‘trying […]

The Breaking of the Middle East – Book Review

Reviewed by Jim Miles (The Six Day War – The Breaking of the Middle East.  Guy Laron.  Yale University Press, New Haven/London, 2017.) Between a short Introduction that attempts to construct the underlying social science rationale for the outbreak of the Six Day War and a short epilogue that simply highlights the major trend of […]

Settlement Wine Labeling Fiasco Exposes Duplicity in Canadian Policy

By Hanna Kawas Last week, Canada became a focus for the issue of labelling products from the illegal Israeli settlements. The lightning rod was a complaint to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) about 2 specific wines carried in Ontario liquor stores that were from West Bank settlements, made by Dr. David Kattenburg from Winnipeg, the […]

Netanyahu Determined to Sabotage Syria Ceasefire

By Iqbal Jassat Would any reasonable person having regard to the gruesome carnage Syria’s six year long civil war has wrought on its people, be opposed to a peaceful resolution? Or to put it more bluntly: who would be so callous as to argue that the terrible internecine war must continue and justify the suffering of […]

‘Never Met Anyone from Gaza’: Encounter with a Stranger

By Rawan Yaghi Let me tell you about my latest encounter with a stranger. A couple of days ago, I was listening to music through the glorious invention of earphones. My ipod playlist, though, is not as glorious and there was a three second pause between the end of one song and the next in […]

Will Canada Have a Pro-Palestinian Major Party Leader

By Yves Engler  Sometimes silence in politics speaks louder than words. Israel lobby groups’ response (or lack thereof) to NDP leadership candidate Niki Ashton’s recent support of Palestinian rights suggests they believe previous criticisms backfired. Two months ago B’nai B’rith attacked Ashton for attending a rally in support of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike and a […]

Gaza and the Failure of the National Project

By Haidar Eid – Gaza In order to understand the draconian measures taken by the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority against the Gaza Strip, which has already been enduring a suffocating, decade-long Israeli siege, one has to scrutinize the Fatah movement’s diminished ideological and national agenda. There is already a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, documented by international, […]

The Long Fight Against TV and Movie ‘Bad Arabs’

By James M. Wall Jack G. Shaheen, retired professor of communications at Southern Illinois University, died Sunday, July 9, after a short battle with cancer. He was 81. His death brought to a sudden end, his five-decade fight against the stereotyping of “Bad Arabs” in movies and television. I have maintained regular contact with Jack […]

Why Palestine is Still the Issue (VIDEO)

By John Pilger (This is an abridged version of John Pilger’s address to the Palestinian Expo in London on 8 July, 2017. John Pilger’s film, ‘Palestine Is Still the Issue’, can be viewed below.) When I first went to Palestine as a young reporter in the 1960s, I stayed on a kibbutz. The people I […]

Only the News That Fits: How American Media Erase Palestine – Even Alternative Media

By Alison Wier A few years later I wrote about Palestinian toddlers killed by Israeli drones, and a few years later about Palestinian children shot in the head. I wrote stories about dead Palestinian mothers, such as Anatomy Of A Cover-Up: When A Mother Gets Killed Does She Make A Sound? and “Just Another Mother […]

Fighting the Wrong Enemy: Why Americans Hate Muslims

By Ramzy Baroud Two officers sought me from within a crowd at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. They seemed to know who I was. They asked me to follow them, and I obliged. Being of Arab background, often renders one’s citizenship almost irrelevant. In a back room, where other foreigners, mainly Muslims, were holed for ‘added […]

Israel’s Ever-more Sadistic Reprisals Help Shore up a Sense of Victimhood

By Jonathan Cook – Nazareth When Israel passed a new counter-terrorism law last year, Ayman Odeh, a leader of the country’s large minority of Palestinian citizens, described its draconian measures as colonialism’s “last gasp”. He said: “I see … the panic of the French at the end of the occupation of Algeria.” The panic and […]

Jewish Ethnicity, Palestinian Solidarity, Human Identity – Interview with Richard Falk

By Richard Falk [The following interview with Abdo Emara, an Arab journalist was published in Arabic; it is here republished in slightly modified form. The changes made are either stylistic or clarifying. There are no substantive changes from my earlier responses. I think it worthwhile to share this text because the questions asked by Abdo […]

India/Israel Axis of Colonial Occupation Will Fail – in Kashmir and in Palestine

By Iqbal Jassat Observers and analysts of political trends in India since the defeat of the Congress Party at the hands of an extreme rightwing movement, the BJP, will not be surprised by recent turn of events related to Israel. The much-heralded visit by Narendra Modi to Israel was to be expected, is what they […]

#AirCanadaComplicity: Air Canada and Israel Aerospace Industries

By Marion Kawas  July 8, 2014 marked the beginning of 51 days of hell for Gaza and its civilian population. July 8, 2014 was the start of the last brutal Israeli military attack on Gaza which killed over 2200 Palestinians, at least one-quarter of those children, and wounded tens of thousands more. Now, 3 years […]

Instead of Taylor Force Act, Congress Should Consider Rachel Corrie Act, Orwah Hammad Act

By Kathryn Shihadah Sometimes it takes a tragedy to bring about change. The story of Taylor Force is one such tragedy. A young American in the prime of his life was stabbed to death in an unnecessary, unprovoked act of terrorism while  in Israel on a Vanderbilt University study program. Perhaps the only good that can come […]

Israel’s Illegitimate Tactics against Palestinian Armed Resistance vs. Legitimate Global Security Concerns

By Rima Najjar Israel, a rogue state if ever there was one, pursues its “security” as a Jewish Zionist entity on all of Mandate Palestine through demonizing Palestinian Arabs, whom it has long subjected to a racist campaign that defines their resistance, both violent and non-violent, as anti-Semitism on the one hand and as terrorism […]

‘The World is (Not) Flat’: ‘Trumpism’ is a Symptom of Decades-long Imperial Arrogance

By Ramzy Baroud No matter how hard White House officials try, they cannot construct a coherent ‘Trump doctrine’ that would make sense amid the chaos that has afflicted US foreign policy in recent months. However, this chaos is not entirely the making of President Donald Trump alone. Since 1945, the United States has vied for […]

Who to Believe, Your Lying Eyes or the Truth?

By James M. Wall  Bibi Netanyahu and Donald Trump have one thing in common: They both have as much credibility as the man who killed his parents and then begged the judge for mercy because he was an orphan. Why should we believe what they say? President Trump is an accomplished prevaricator in a job […]

Pushing Gaza to Suicide: The Politics of Humiliation

By Ramzy Baroud Mohammed Abed is a 28-year-old taxi driver from the village of Qarara, near the town of Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip. He has no teeth. Lack of medical care and proper dentistry work cost him all of his teeth, which rotted and decayed at a very young age. Yet, his dire […]

Balfour’s Shadow – A Book Review

Reviewed by Jim Miles (Balfour’s Shadow – A Century of British Support for Zionism and Israel.  David Cronin. Pluto Press, London. 2017.) The Balfour Declaration, currently accepted by many as the founding legal statement for the establishment of Israel is really nothing more than a letter.  It was a letter of policy between government personnel […]

Israel’s Efforts to Hide Palestinians from View No Longer Fools Young American Jews

By Jonathan Cook – Nazareth Few books on Palestinian history become bestsellers. But one, titled A History of the Palestinian People: From Ancient Times to the Modern Era, managed to rocket to the top of Amazon’s charts this month. Its author, Assaf Voll, an Israeli academic, claims to have reviewed “thousands of sources” to explain […]

Wolves in the Gaza Chicken House

By James M. Wall  Have you seen the Hollywood film that flashes back to February, 2006, when Palestinians elected a Hamas party parliamentary majority. I didn’t think so, because there is no such film available. An honest film on Palestine’s current situation would begin in present-day Gaza. A Palestinian baby lies in a tiny crib, dying because […]

On ISIL, Arab TV and Post-Ideological Politics

By Jamil Khader Saudi-owned TV channel MBC finally caved in to the barrage of scathing criticism of its Ramadan series, Black Crows, pulling it off air after only 20 episodes. MBC has marketed the Black Crows series as the stories of women who join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, known as […]

Why the US Moving Its Israel Embassy to Jerusalem Would Be Illegal

By Jeremy R. Hammond The mainstream media serve Israel’s occupation regime by failing to inform that for the US to relocate its Israel embassy to Jerusalem would be illegal. On June 1, the White House announced that President Donald Trump had signed a waiver delaying the relocation of the US’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv […]

Israel vs. the United Nations: The Nikki Haley Doctrine

By Ramzy Baroud The United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, seems to be championing a single cause: Israel. When Haley speaks about Israel, her language is not merely emotive nor tailored to fit the need of a specific occasion.  Rather, her words are resolute, consistent and are matched by a clear plan […]

The Real Terrorists in Occupied East Jerusalem

By Rima Najjar East Jerusalem is occupied by Israel. It is also illegally annexed. It is also illegally separated from the rest of the West Bank by an illegal wall. In Jerusalem, Israel boasts of 220,000 illegal Jewish settlers settled on land confiscated from 300,000 Palestinian residents who are now landless. It boasts of 50,000 illegally displaced Palestinian Arabs and […]

1967 ‘Censored Voices’ against National Evil (VIDEO)

By Vacy Vlazna  “What unites all types of evil, which are created in the different worlds of national and social interest groups, is that the “decent citizens” of all the worlds always require a semblance of self-evidence, normality, ideologies, ethos, the legitimization of a majority of some kind, laws of nature and man-made laws, and […]

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