Israel Faces Inevitable Collapse

By Iqbal Jassat Is turning the heat on Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) activists as Israel’s racist right wing regime is doing, any different to the “total onslaught” against freedom struggle activists by former apartheid chiefs in South Africa? It certainly is and much worse. Daily accounts of severe repression whereby Palestinian men, women and children […]

Rima Khalaf’s Resignation Letter to UN Secretary General

(Rima Khalaf resigned as executive secretary of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia – ESCWA – after the agency was forced to retract a report stating that Israel is an “apartheid regime.” Khalaf’s letter of resignation to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was translated and posted by poet Lena Khalaf Tuffaha on her […]

Australia Blows Israel’s Credibility on Its World Vision Sham Sky High

By Vacy Vlazna “The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) says an internal review into World Vision funding in Gaza has uncovered nothing to suggest any diversion of government aid funding to Hamas.” — ABC The blow to Israel’s credibility is colossal because, the investigation had teeth, fangs in this case, as “DFAT […]

Israel’s Apartheid Elephant is Still in the Room

By James M. Wall In a 1935 stage production of Billy Rose’s Jumbo, Jimmy Durante is leading an elephant down the street. A policeman stops him and asks, “What are you doing with that elephant?” Durante responds, “What elephant”? That line became a 1935 nightly show-stopper. Durante repeated the same question in the 1962 film […]

Junot Díaz Tears Down the Wall

By Hatim Kanaaneh The first night I went to hear Junot Díaz at the University of Hawaii He spoke at the Art Auditorium. I was struck by his intellect and sharp wit.  Of course, he doesn’t need me to attest to his exceptional intelligence and creativity; you don’t get to where he has with average scores […]

‘Decolonizing the Mind’: Using Hollywood Celebrities to Validate Islam

By Ramzy Baroud When Terry Holdbrooks Jr., converted to Islam in 2003, he was inundated with death threats and labeled a ‘race traitor.’ If a religious conversion ever deserves to be admired, Holdbrooks’ conversion does, and not because Islam has ‘won’ yet another convert, but because the new convert was assigned the very rule of […]

‘More Royal than the King’: An Encounter with French Zionism

By Dr. Samah Jabr From those who are willing to legitimize killing and torture in support of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, the fabrication of lies and false accusations to intimidate their opponents is only to be expected. My latest encounter with international Zionism was in Paris on 10 March, following the screening of the […]

Reality and the US-Made Famine in Yemen

By Kathy Kelly This week at the Voices for Creative Nonviolence office in Chicago, my colleague Sabia Rigby prepared a presentation for a local high school. She’ll team up with a young friend of ours, himself a refugee from Iraq, to talk about refugee crises driven by war. Sabia recently returned from Kabul where she helped […]

Which Way You Goin’, Israel?

By Jim Miles Yesterday I read a comment under an article on Israel on the website Russia Insider describing actions around Israel’s intrusion and military action into Syrian airspace. The comment read, paraphrased, nuke the Israeli terrorists and give the land back to Palestine. I realized instantly that this was not only a rather poorly […]

Dear Israeli Government: I Want to Go to Palestine

By Alison Weir Dear Israeli Government, About Your New Travel Ban You’ve recently banned foreigners who support boycotts against Israel or Israeli settlements from being allowed to enter Israel – even Jewish foreigners, a first for the self-proclaimed Jewish state. After all, your “Law of Return” has allowed (and encouraged) Jewish foreigners to freely immigrate to Israel, […]

US and Israeli Codependent Relationship is Not Just about Money

By Ramzy Baroud “We must look back twenty-five years to realize how far Israel has fallen in world support,” wrote famed Jewish scholar, Harvard sociologist, Nathan Glazer in 1976. In the last forty years since Glazer wrote his piece, which was uncovered and transmitted by Philip Weiss, Israel’s global support has fallen much further. The […]

Air Canada Is Complicit in Israeli War Crimes and Must be Held Accountable!

By Marion Kawas  Did you know that Air Canada has been outsourcing maintenance work for its B787 jets to Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)? And that IAI is the largest state owned defence and aerospace company in Israel? In fact, IAI is the subject of boycotts across Europe and is well-known for its drone technology and […]

The Walled Off Hotel: The Struggle for Decolonization

By Jamil Khader The British street artist known as Banksy is no stranger to controversy and the recent debate over his new installation in the town of Bethlehem, the Walled Off Hotel, does not come as a surprise. Some critics have accused Banksy of Pale-ploitation – of making profit off Palestinian suffering, normalising the occupation, beautifying […]

Basel’s Story: The Manner of His Death Reflected His Life

By Lama Khater  From his will, that has been circulated since his death, one can get to know the martyr Basel Al-Araj. It epitomized his clarity, simplicity, and depth of his determination. However, there are some questions left behind by the death of Basel Al-Araj that are unresolved. In Basel’s case, questions focus on the […]

Hate Crimes in America: Either a Trap or an Opportunity for Palestine Advocates

By Yoav Litvin A collusion exists between the anti-Semitic, White supremacist forces that have ascended to the White House and Zionists. While the former advocate for global apartheid and a race battle between Europeans/Whites/Western “values” and an imaginary construct of dark-skinned barbaric hordes, the latter promote a Jewish-only settler-colonialist “villa in the jungle” as an […]

Israel’s Welcome Now Reserved only for Jews who Back Netanyahu

By Jonathan Cook – Nazareth Dustin Pfundheller, 30, an American dentist living in Singapore, was set to become the youngest person to visit every country in the world while in a full-time job. His globetrotting has taken him to 192 of the 193 recognized states, bringing his medical skills to the world’s remotest places. But […]

Palestinian Women: One For All, All for One

Honoring All Palestinian Women by Honoring Three: Hanin Zoabi, Ahed Tamimi, Samah Sabawi By Vacy Vlazna “Palestinian women have always stood side by side with their fathers, brothers, husbands, comrades to resist the Zionist occupation, to fight for freedom and legitimate rights. They are the first to go to the streets to protest the brutality of […]

The PA is Torturing Palestinians, Why is This Not a Major Scandal?

By Ramona Wadi The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) seeks to defend press freedom and freedom of expression. It has recently called for a commission of inquiry into the case of Palestinian journalist Sami Al-Sa’ee who works for Al-Fajr Al-Jadeed and reportedly gave testimony to MADA regarding his torture at the hands […]

Will Israel Try to Avoid Previous Mistakes by Launching Another War against Gaza?

By Adnan Abu Amer Israel is facing the consequences of the leaks of extracts from the State Comptroller’s report on the failures of the 2014 war against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. This has led to speculation by both Palestinians and Israelis about the possibility of Israel being able to avoid these failures in what […]

The Age of Schoolyard Politics – Trauma, Individualism and the Hope in Collaboration

By Yoav Litvin America Today Within the first month of assuming power, Donald Trump and his administration have targeted women, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQI people, Indigenous communities, the poor, the elderly, Black and Brown people, scientists and artists. They regularly villainize the media, ridicule the left, marginalize and criminalize dissent and promote an atmosphere of racism, […]

Lester B. Pearson Was No ‘Honest Broker’

By Yves Engler It’s no wonder Canadians are confused about their country’s place in the world when a leading advocate of the Palestinian cause praises the official most responsible for dispossessing Palestinians. In an article about a recent poll showing Canadians have a negative attitude towards Israel, reject the notion criticizing Israel is anti-Semitic and […]

American Muslims, No Apology Necessary

By Ramzy Baroud I have recently been asked to give a talk about “Being an American Muslim in the United States”. Although wary of the uses and abuses of the term, I obliged. Islam is a religion propelled by values, not race nor, theoretically, by blind tribal allegiances, I explained. The “American Muslim” identity which […]

Did They Bang on the Walls?

By Mahmoud N. Zidan Four years ago, I heard the story of a Yemeni who had to crouch down in the back of a merchandise-packed truck. I cannot remember if I was told how long that arduous journey took, but I think that it lasted more than 24 hours. The Yemeni, who was not the […]

The NFL Star Who Refused to Shine For Israel

By James M. Wall When I learned of the courageous decision made recently by Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, I remembered my 1973 trip to Israel. Bennett made headlines when he pulled out of an Israeli government-sponsored trip to Israel designed for NFL players. He refused to be a part of Israel’s hasbara campaign. Amy […]

Behind the Liberal Embrace of Trump’s Speech

By Sam Husseini I can’t say I’m surprised by the liberal turn on Trump. I said a couple of weeks ago that Trump and the establishment media were like George and Martha in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” What I meant was that they are a deranged, destructive couple who argue like mad, but ultimately […]

Call from Gaza: Get Involved in Israeli Apartheid Week This Year (VIDEO)

By PSCABI – Besieged Gaza, Occupied, Palestine We are writing to you, students of the world, as students from the besieged Gaza Strip whose entire educational system has been crippled as a result of Israel’s ten-year long and ongoing blockade. We call on you to get involved in Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) this year and […]

Countering The Palestinian Nakba: One State For All – Book Review

Reviewed by Rifka Al-Amya (Eid, Haidar (Ed.). Countering The Palestinian Nakba: One State For All. Noor Publishing: Bahnhofstrabe, Germany. 2017.) World attention has been captured by Donald Trump’s unthoughtful statement about the one state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a precedent in American intervention in the Middle East. Never has any American president mentioned the […]

The Trump-Netanyahu Circus: Now, No One Can Save Israel from Itself

By Ramzy Baroud The President of the United States can hardly be taken seriously, saying much but doing little. His words, often offensive, carry no substance, and it is impossible to summarize his complex political outlook about important issues. This is precisely the type of American presidency that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prefers. However, […]

Trump Has Reminded Palestinians That It was Always about One State

By Jonathan Cook – Nazareth For more than 15 years, the Middle East “peace process” initiated by the Oslo accords has been on life support. Last week, United States president Donald Trump pulled the plug, whether he understood it or not. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu could barely stifle a smile as Trump demoted the […]

Israel and the UN Are Allies in Colonial Endeavors

By Ramona Wadi News that Tzipi Livni could be nominated for the post of UN under-secretary-general was overshadowed swiftly by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s meeting with Donald Trump. It is safe to say that even the most elementary norms have long been shunned by the international institution, despite the unabashed pontificating at its manipulated […]

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