The Balancing Act is Over: What Elor Azaria Taught Us about Israel

By Ramzy Baroud   For some, the ‘manslaughter’ conviction – following the murder by Israeli army medic, Elor Azaria, of already incapacitated Palestinian man, Fattah al-Sharif – is finally settling a protracted debate regarding where Israelis stand on Palestinian human rights.  Nearly 70 percent of the Israeli public supports calls to pardon the convicted soldier, […]

Beware the ‘Two-state Solution’

By Dr. Daud Abdullah “Tomorrow will look different — and tomorrow is very close.” So said Israel’s Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahuin response to the just-concluded Paris conference on Middle East peace, which he denounced as “rigged”. The Israeli leader sees a conspiracy under every bed, even those of his closest allies. Last month, he accused the […]

Fear, Trauma and Healing: A Scientific Analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian Relationship

By Dr. Yoav Litvin An approach designated as “evolutionary” can be employed in reference to two outlooks on global ethnic conflicts in general, and the Israeli/Palestinian one in particular. A Conservative and Neo-Liberal interpretation of Darwinism employs an approach whereby only the strongest peoples survive in a multi ethnic land. This so–called “survival of the […]

The Paris Peace Conference: A Funeral without a Corpse

By Motasem A. Dalloul – Gaza The conference held in Paris on Sunday looking at the Palestine-Israel conflict concluded with the usual final statement calling for Palestinian and Israeli commitment to the two-state solution; among other things it encouraged “meaningful” direct negotiations and called on both sides to “refrain from unilateral steps”. The conference was […]

Why a Prisoner Swap between Hamas and Israel is a Sensitive Issue?

By Adnan Abu Amer The issue of Israeli soldiers captured by Hamas in Gaza still has momentum in Israel, with various predictions of whether the two sides will get into agreement for a prisoner exchange or if they will postpone it, especially after the Ezzedine Al-Qassam Brigades — the Hamas military wing — broadcast a […]

Why the Fear-mongering? Only One Democratic State is Possible in Palestine and Israel

By Ramzy Baroud Long before December 28, when Secretary of State, John Kerry took the podium at the Dean Acheson Auditorium in Washington DC to pontificate on the uncertain future of the two-state solution and the need to save Israel from itself, the subject of a Palestinian state has been paramount.  In fact, unlike common […]

The Triumpth of ‘Settlerism’: Fury at Azaria Verdict is Israel’s Trump Moment

By Jonathan Cook – Nazareth The United Kingdom has Brexit. The United States, an incoming president Trump. And Israel now has Elor Azaria. It may not have the same ring, but ultimately the turning point could prove as decisive. Two fallacious narratives have greeted the army medic’s manslaughter conviction last week, after he was filmed […]

What the Azaria Trial Tells Us (Again) about Israel

By Jeremy Salt  The injustice in the trial of Elor Azaria begins with the charge, manslaughter. In March, 2016, Azaria walked up to the body of a severely wounded Palestinian, Abd al Fatah al Sharif, and shot him in the head as he lay on the ground. Video of the scene shows a bare-chested Israeli […]

2017: Palestine’s Three Bleak Anniversaries

By Richard Falk Increasingly the Palestinians seem doomed to become subjects, or at best second-class citizens, in their own homeland. Israeli expansionism, US unconditional support, and UN impotence are combining to create dismal prospects for Palestinian self-determination and a negotiated peace that is sensitive to the rights and grievances of both Palestinians and Israelis. Recalling […]

When Avigdor Lieberman Turns into a ‘Moderate’

By Suleiman Abu Ershaid It is ironic for Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman to oppose a plan to annex Area “C” of the occupied West Bank; it almost makes him a “moderate”. The head of the Jewish Home Party, Minister Naftali Bennett, has adopted this plan. This is a reality that reflects the political map […]

A Blessing in Disguise?  The Trump Presidency May be Better for Palestine

By Ramzy Baroud Israel is dizzy. January 20th has been like another Christmas Day and Donald Trump is jolly old Santa Claus bearing gifts. The writing is already on the wall as President-elect Trump has appointed an extremist, David Friedman, as the next US Ambassador to Israel who intends to relocate the US Embassy from […]

Going Back to the ICC: Will UNSC 2334 Strip Israel of Triumphalism?

By Iqbal Jassat Following the hysterical tantrums of Israel’s right wing regime on the outcome of UNSC Resolution 2334, much has been written and discussed by various commentators about its wider implications. Having followed this story quite keenly, I’ve attempted to comprehend the arguments provided from a number of different perspectives. While the narratives may […]

Do ‘Anti-Semitism Lessons’ in Canada Promote Jewish, White Supremacy?

By Yves Engler Is a school lesson plan widely used across Canada aimed at fighting racism like its promoters say or is it also a clever cover for defending Jewish/white supremacy in the Middle East? A recent 12-page Canadian Jewish News insert about Elizabeth and Tony Comper raises the issue. According to the supplement, in 2005 […]

Is Tunisian Security Complicit in the Murder of Palestinian Leaders?

By Hanna Kawas On Dec. 15, 2016, Tunisian Mohammad al-Zawahri, a Hamas leader and flight engineer specializing in unmanned aerial vehicles, was assassinated in the Tunisian city of Sfax. This operation bore eerie similarities to another assassination 28 years earlier of prominent Palestinian leader and high-ranking Fatah official Khalil Al Wazir (popularly known as Abu […]

Open Letter to Prime Minister of New Zealand: Thank You, but Two State Solution is Dead

By Vazy Vlazna   Rt Hon Bill English Prime Minister of New Zealand   Dear Prime Minister, Kia ora,   On 26 December, I, too hastily, sent a letter to the New Zealand High Commissioner to Australia offering my gratitude to the New Zealand government for co-sponsoring UN Resolution 2234 demanding an end to Israel’s […]

Diplomacy of Resistance: An Independent Palestinian Reaction to Kerry’s ‘Historic’ Speech

By Haidar Eid – Gaza Outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry delivered a speech on December 28 in which he lamented the defunct two- state solution for the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” (The reason I am using inverted commas here is because what is being described as a conflict is, in fact, a classic case of settler- […]

Tripwires for the Trumpsters

By Ralph Nader The Trumpsters are coming to town—led by a failed gambling czar, corporate welfare king and major tax escapee—and they are hell bent on unmaking Washington, D.C. With all three branches of government dominated by Republican members of Congress and Republican appointees—due to a mixture of abysmal deficiencies in the Democratic Party and the […]

Palestine 2017: Time to Bid Farewell to Washington and Embrace the Globe

By Ramzy Baroud There is no doubt that the UN Security Council condemnation of Israel on Friday was an important and noteworthy event. True, the United Nations’ main chambers (the Security Council and the General Assembly) and its various institutions, ranging from the International Court of Justice to the UN cultural agency, UNESCO, have repeatedly […]

The UN Must Not Let Resolution 2334 be Squandered

By Daud Abdullah If UN Security Council Resolution 2334 regarding Israel’s illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories is to be worth the paper it’s written on, certain tangible steps must be taken. Failure to act will make it worthless. First and foremost, there must be a serious review of Israel’s membership of the world […]

Palestine’s Achilles Heel: The Begging Bowl

By Vacy Vlazna  Poor Palestine – the major Palestinian players, Fatah and Hamas have degraded and set back the liberation movement by crawling with begging bowls to self-interested, absolutely not Palestine-interested, Arab states, and furthermore both are fickle beggars switching loyalties to conform to the US volatile currents in the Middle East.  Arab regimes quarter-hearted […]

Israeli Philosopher in NY Times: On ‘Liberal Zionism in the Age of Trump’

In his article, “Liberal Zionism in the Age of Trump”, Israeli professor of philosophy, Omri Boehm confronts the sinister nature of Zionism which has no qualms labeling Israel’s critics, anti-Semitic, while embracing pro-Israeli anti-Semites. Here are a few excerpts of the article published in the New York Times on December 20, “The idea that Israel […]

For Palestinians, Zionism only Means One Thing

By Ramzy Baroud On 12 December, the British government officially adopted a new definition of anti-Semitism that includes legitimate criticism of Israel. The definition was adopted earlier in the year by pro-Israeli group IHRA, although it was considered but abandoned by the European anti-racism agency in 2005. It is a rather dangerous move which will […]

An Open Letter to President Obama: Decision Time for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

By Ralph Nader  Dear President Obama: On November 28, 2016, Jimmy Carter, the President who negotiated the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt in 1978, wrote an op ed for the New York Times titled, “America Must Recognize Palestine.” His urgent plea was directed to you to take “the vital step…to grant American diplomatic recognition to the […]

Putting Palestine into Canada’s NDP Leadership Race

By Yves Engler To the sound of crickets chirping from opposition benches Justin Trudeau’s government has once again isolated Canada on Palestinian rights. But, recent developments suggest this shameful chapter in Canadian diplomacy is past its political best before date. On November 30 Canada joined the US, Israel, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Federated States of Micronesia and Palau in […]

Clinton’s Defeat and the ‘Fake News’ Conspiracy

By Jonathan Cook There is an astounding double standard being applied to the US presidential election result. A few weeks ago the corporate media were appalled that Donald Trump demurred on whether he would accept the vote if it went against him. It was proof of his anti-democratic, authoritarian instincts. But now he has won, […]

The Lies You Are Being Told

Like Trump, you can dislike Bashar, dislike the Syrian system, and support the need for reform without allowing yourself to be sucked into this vortex of dishonesty put out by a media accusing everyone else of publishing fake news.  By Jeremy Salt We are witnessing the rapid death of the ‘western’ mainstream media, over Russia, […]

Navigating War: Has the War in Syria also Destroyed Journalism?

By Ramzy Baroud When a veteran war reporter like Robert Fisk constructs his argument regarding the siege of Aleppo based on ‘watching’ video footage, then one can truly comprehend the near impossibility of adequate media coverage on the war in Syria.  In a recent article in the British ‘Independent’, Fisk reflects on the siege, uprising […]

Israel’s West Bank Tourism Drive Makes Palestinians Invisible

By Jonathan Cook – Nazareth At first glance, it looked like a generous promotional stunt by Israel to aid the Palestinians’ struggling tourism industry. Israeli military authorities published this month a video on social media publicizing Palestinian attractions in the West Bank. Most are Christian, including Jesus’s birthplace in Bethlehem – now the Church of […]

Where is Fatah Headed after Its Seventh Congress?

By Ramzy Baroud After years of holding the Palestinian struggle hostage to their factional-feud, the current enemy of Palestinian unity today is not just the Fatah-Hamas dispute. According to Mouin Rabbani, writing in Al Jazeera, another pressing problem is the power struggle within Fatah itself. It is unfortunate that the Palestinian leadership often substitutes its failure […]

David Remnick Has Hysterics

The neglected, ignored or justified suffering of the people of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine is only part of the great indifference of ‘liberals’ because in the US they are just as indifferent to the suffering of their own people.  By Jeremy Salt David Remnick is editor of the New Yorker, a magazine renowned for […]

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