Media Freedom: Let Palestine Be the Barometer

An anti-Apartheid, pro-Palestine rally in South Africa. (Photo: File)

By Iqbal Jassat – Johannesburg, South Africa Recent changes effected within parts of South Africa’s mainstream media, may be interpreted differently by consumers. Some may use the glass of water test and come to contrasting positions: half full or half empty. This after all is the nature of the media beast. It’s newsroom and editorial desks […]

Hold Your Applause, Fatah: The Palestinian Body Politic is Rotten to the Core

The Fatah elites still applauded Abbas nearly 300 times during his three hour speech. (Photo: WAFA)

By Ramzy Baroud In July 2003, the then Palestinian Authority Chairman, Yasser Arafat, described Mahmoud Abbas as a “traitor” who “betrayed the interests of the Palestinian People.” Arafat loathed Abbas to the very end. This particular outburst was made during a meeting with United Nations envoy Terje Larsen. The meeting took place a few months after […]

What’s behind Egypt’s ‘New Political Position’ Towards Gaza?

People attempting to travel between Gaza and Egypt have been repeatedly prevented in the past. (Photo: via IRIN, file)

Dr. Daud Abdullah After three years of open hostility, Egypt appears to be resetting its policy towards the Gaza Strip. Whereas in the recent past the Cairo administration has only opened the Rafah border crossing to deliver Palestinian corpses, the authorities have, in recent weeks, opened it more frequently to allow the passage of people […]

Less Symbolism, More Action: Towards Meaningful Solidarity with Palestine

To overcome Israeli apartheid and occupation, international solidarity must not be in words only. (Photo:, file)

By Ramzy Baroud  The Palestine Solidarity Campaign has designated the week, November 25 to December 3, as the ‘biggest-ever campaign’ aimed at boycotting Israeli products and those of companies that contribute to the Israeli military occupation of Palestine.  In a recently issued press release, the civil society-led group highlighted “99 actions that will take place […]

The Real Link between Israel’s Forest Fires and Muezzin Bill

A Palestinian mosque destroyed during an Israeli bombing raid on Gaza, 2014. (Photo: File)

By Jonathan Cook – Nazareth Israeli legislation ostensibly intended to tackle noise pollution from Muslim houses of worship has, paradoxically, served chiefly to provoke a cacophony of indignation across much of the Middle East. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared his support this month for the so-called “muezzin bill”, claiming it was urgently needed to stop […]

Baroud in Al Jazeera: Time to Reclaim International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

(Photo: Patrick Strickland, file)

Palestinian author and journalist, Ramzy Baroud argued in a piece published today in Al Jazeera that the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People must be reclaimed by civil society and people everywhere.  “Although November 29 has galvanized pro-Palestinian communities around the world for decades, a few facts and problems about this day must […]

British Writer Says ‘Guardian Continues to Exclude Palestinians from Its Comment Pages’

Particularly absent from the Guardian coverage are voices of Palestinians on the ground. (Photo:, file)

In a recent article published in Middle East Monitor, British writer, Ben White argued that the British Guardian newspaper is excluding Palestinian voices from its commentary pages. White based his assertion on statistical research, in which he also found that voices of Palestinians on the ground are almost completely absent from the paper.  “This time […]

On Palestine, Obama and Trump Are All the Same

The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people is marked on 29 November (Photo: Ramachandra Babu, Gulf News)

By Ramzy Baroud There are only a few weeks standing between us and January 20, when United States President-elect Donald Trump becomes ‘President Trump’. But many are still clinging onto some hope, however desperate, that this period of time, albeit rather short, will bring about a sea change. One of these persisting hopes is that […]

An Appeal to Green Party of Canada Members: Don’t Reverse Your Support for Palestine

'We urge you not to succumb to political pressure to reverse or weaken the vote to support Palestinian rights.' (Photo: Kate Ausburn, Flicker via MintPress) News)

As Israel’s illegal military occupation approaches a half-century, it’s long past time for concrete international action to pressure its government to reverse course. The Green Party of Canada’s recent vote to support “the use of divestment, boycott and sanctions (BDS) that are targeted at those sectors of Israel’s economy and society which profit from the […]

Step Aside Cliche Feminists, Palestinian Women Are the True Fighters

Dima al-Wawi: 'When my handcuffs were taken off, it was like I could breathe again.' (Photo: Abed al Qaisi. Al Jazeera, file)

By Romana Rubeo Modern calendars are no longer punctuated by the rhythm of changing seasons. Instead, every day you wake up and discover that it is not an ordinary day, but the International Day of something or against something. It is as everybody is expected to think about a single issue for just 24 hours, […]

The Intifada of the Fire?

Israeli Minister of Education, Naftali Bennett. (Photo: File)

By Jeremy Salt Naftali Bennett, of the fascist Jewish Home Party, says this week’s fires in occupied Palestine, resulting in tens of thousands of people having to leave their homes (yes, a faint echo of 1948 except these temporary refugees can return), were probably lit by ‘someone who this land doesn’t belong to.’   Well, thanks […]

Israel’s New Friends

Israel’s leaders have no problem stomaching 'anti-Semitism' so long as the 'anti-Semite' supports Zionism. (Photo: File)

By Neve Gordon Israel’s leaders and their right-wing Jewish allies in the United States have no problem stomaching anti-Semitism so long as the anti-Semite supports Zionism. But if an anti-Semite can be a Zionist then anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism are not the same. In February, the Israeli prime minister praised the British government for introducing new guidelines […]

The Olives of Palestinian Content and Zionist Discontent

They persevere and keep going, accumulating a tradition of resistance that goes beyond survival. (Photo: via Maan, file)

By Mahmoud Zidan While driving the other Friday, I couldn’t help but notice the hustle and bustle of olive pickers: the combined joys of their gathering together, eating out under an olive tree, chitchatting, joking, and occasional singing; all of which are interspersed with shouts of children playing around and the sounds that olives make […]

What Should Palestinians Expect – Can Trump Be Any Worse?

Obama or Trump, US government will remain an Israeli ally and benefactor. (Photo: Video grab)

By Ramzy Baroud  Fear and trepidation are slowly building up, as US President-elect, Donald Trump, is fortifying his transitional team with people capable of bringing about a nightmare scenario, not only for Americans but for the rest of the world, as well. For Palestinians, however, the signs are even more ominous. From former New York […]

Where is Fatah Heading: Liberation or Authoritarian Movement?

Palestine is in need of the formation of a national salvation front. (Photo: File)

By Hani al-Masri A week from now, on the 29th of this month, Fatah is set to hold its seventh conference, however there are still discussions underway as to whether or not it will be held or postponed. The only thing that will prevent the conference from being held on the scheduled date are major […]

Halt Genocide of Rohingya

At a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh. (Photo:, PC, file)

By Iqbal Jassat As much as there may be merit in complaints that media in general has not provided the Rohingya tragedy adequate coverage, the same argument can be made against human rights organizations for their lackluster approach to the crisis. In the light of an intensified campaign of ethnic cleansing dubbed as a “clearance operation”, […]

How Can You Identify a Canadian Liberal? Isolating Canada for the Sake of Israel

The Trudeau government has led efforts to undermine Palestinians liberation. (Photo: via Huffpost, file)

By Yves Engler Under Justin Trudeau “Canada is back” to isolating itself from world opinion on Palestinian rights. Two weeks ago Ottawa joined Israel, the US, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, and Palau in opposing motions titled “Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and the occupied Syrian Golan” and “persons displaced […]

Israel Cannot Silence Prayer Calls

Israeli vengeance surpassed the realm of media rhetoric into aggressive action. (Photo: File)

By Ramzy Baroud In a succession of events that indicated major coordination between various Israeli government offices, Jewish settler groups and the municipality of Jerusalem, Israel recently moved to outlaw the Muslim call for prayer, first in Jerusalem, then in other Arab areas inside Israel. This move was clearly aimed at literally and figuratively silencing […]

The Challenges Facing Jerusalemites

Al-Quds, Jerusalem. (Photo: via Youtube)

By Zuher Majid The call to prayer is a duty practiced by Muslims since Bilal Al-Habashi recited it for the first time. It is an internal voice that remains abuzz throughout the life of Muslims, and it an anthem the quenches their thirst for holiness and a spiritual relationship with their lord. Who can ban […]

Which Trump? Early Signs Not Good

Lack of knowhow coupled with blind loyalty brings Trump to rely heavily on these old hands. (Photo: Video grab, CNN)

By Ralph Nader Optimists are hoping for a Trump makeover. They cling to his brief victory remarks suggesting that he wants to be the “president of all the people.” In his 60 Minutes interview following the election Trump said that the protesters were out in the streets because “they do not know me.” They recall […]

Defying International Law, Israeli Bill to Retroactively Legalize Settlement Outposts

Amona, an Israeli outpost built in the occupied Palestinian West Bank. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Israeli parliament, Knesset approved on Wednesday a preliminary reading of a controversial “formalization bill” which would retroactively legalize an Israeli outpost slated for evacuation. This followed a recent controversy regarding a decision to demolish the illegal illegal Amona outpost, where at least 40 Israeli families reside, in the central occupied West Bank. Amona was […]

The Threatening Dynamics behind a Secretary of State Giuliani

Giuliani speaking at a campaign event for then Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump in August, 2016. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

By Sam Husseini  Many media are reporting that Rudolph Giuliani is slated to be nominated as Secretary of State [New York Times: “Secretary of State Giuliani? He’s the Leading Choice, Trump Aides Say“]. This would likely mean that he is being backed by Mike Pence, VP-elect, now head of the Trump transition. Pence of course is […]

Erekat Says Trump’s Victory Emboldens Israel’s Right, Warns of Consequences

PLO Secretary General, Saeb Erekat. (Photo: via Al Jazeera)

Top Palestinian official, Dr. Saeb Erekat said that Donald Trump’s victory in US presidential elections has empowered the most racist elements in Israeli government and society. Erekat, a former leading Palestinian negotiator and the current Secretary General of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) wrote in an opinion piece in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on Monday, November […]

Praying for Freedom: Why Is Israel Silencing the Call for Prayer in Jerusalem?

Israel soldiers attacking worshipers at Haram al-Sharif. (Photo: File)

By Ramzy Baroud As I was growing up, I was always reassured by the sound of the ‘Muadhin’ making the call for prayer in our refugee camp’s main mosque in Gaza. Whenever I heard the call very early in the morning, announcing in a melodic voice that the time for the ‘Fajr’ (dawn) prayer was […]

Trump May Kill Netanyahu with Kindness

It will not be lost on Trump (L) that billionaire, Sheldon Adelson is one of the Republican Party’s main financiers.

By Jonathan Cook – Nazareth While the United States presidential election bitterly divided the American public, most Israelis were sanguine about the race. Both candidates – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – were keen to end eight years of icy mistrust between Barack Obama, the outgoing president, and Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli prime minister should – […]

Where to Turn: ‘When the World Outlawed War’

(Photo: Hakim Young, supplied)

By Kathy Kelly In July 1941, Albert Einstein, ten months a US citizen, wrote Eleanor Roosevelt asking her, as First Lady, to raise with the president the matter of lifting bureaucratic hurdles so that Jewish refugees threatened by Hitler’s final solution could be granted entry into the U.S. “I know of no-one else to whom […]

Reflections from a Canadian Palestinian on Remembrance Day

Israeli walls imprisoning Palestinian communities in the West Bank. (Photo:

By Hanna Kawas We remember our indigenous brothers and sisters, the victims of genocide by the European settler-colonialists in Canada and all over the world. Justice and peace-loving peoples of the world will also remember Canadian complicity in Palestinian dispossession. Here are but a few examples of what we remember. The late Canadian Prime Minister […]

Punditry by Other Means: Lest We Forget the Children

Kaukab al Dayah, 4, was killed in 2009 during an Israeli war on Gaza. (Photo: File)

In Memory of Kaukab al-Dayah 2005-2009 By Denis A. Conroy Kaukab Al Dayah was fascinated by the old woman sitting in a tent at a festival celebrating the olive harvest. Kaukab could see that she was clad in traditional Palestinian garb as she sat gazing into a crystal ball visible to the festive throng passing beyond the […]

US Just Backed Right to Boycott Israel, But will Trump Agree?

Part of BDS campaign to spread awareness of its work aimed at boycotting Israel. (Photo: Courtesy BDS, file)

Michael F. Brown reported in the Electronic Intifada on November 9 that the “The US State Department this week joined the European Union, Sweden, Ireland and the Netherlands in recognizing the right to boycott Israel.” Brown added, “but whether this position will survive under the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump is an open question, given his history of erratic statements on the Middle East.” “State […]

On Leonard Cohen and BDS: To the Dead We Owe the Truth

Cohen’s love songs became tainted by his contribution to the normalization with Israel. (Photo: Video grab)

By Richard Lightbown As the death of Leonard Cohen was announced today tributes flowed in from around the world. Regrettably I cannot share this sense of loss. For me the spirit of the man who wrote The Partisan had already died a while ago, when the man who wrote ‘Everybody knows the war is over, […]

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