Chilean MPs to Demand UK Apology over Balfour Declaration

Palestinians protesting the Balfour Declaration. (Photo: via PIC)

The Chilean parliament hosted on Tuesday a special session on Palestine to discuss “The centennial anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, Britain’s responsibility for the Palestinians’ suffering, and the Gaza blockade,” PIC reported.

The MPs, during the session, considered founding a parliamentary group for Palestine in South America.

Friends of Palestine group, which represents more than 50% of the Chilean MPs, adopted the idea of launching an international campaign demanding Britain’s apology to the Palestinians on the centennial anniversary of Balfour Declaration.

The Group, headed by MP Battersea Walesan, listened to a paper presented by Ziad al-Aloul, a Palestinian activist living in Britain. He gave a detailed presentation on the Balfour Declaration and the tragedies it had caused to the Palestinians.

The MPs approved an idea proposed by MP George Sabbagh to start a parliamentary grouping for Palestine that includes parliamentarians from Latin American countries.

They also supported the idea of MP Fuad Shahin to work towards lifting the blockade imposed on Gaza since 2006.

MP Fuad Shahin had previously visited Gaza and witnessed the disastrous effects of the blockade on the lives of the Palestinian people there.

Chile is a home for nearly 500,000 of Palestinian origin. Chileans of Palestinian origin have recently started a series of move to revive their links with their home country. Most of these Palestinians left Palestine in the 1920s and the 1930s following the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

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