Demolition of Palestinian Houses in Israel is ‘Serious Development’ (PHOTOS)

Jan 11 2017 / 7:28 pm
Palestinian homes destroyed in Qalansawe. (Photo: via Twitter)

Palestinian MP Jamal Al-Khoudary, Head of the Popular Committee to End Gaza’s Siege said the demolition of Palestinian houses in Israel is “a serious development.”

Al-Khoudary condemned Israel’s move to demolish 11 Palestinian houses in the town of Qalansawe inside the Green Line.

He affirmed in a press statement published yesterday that “The demolition of 11 Palestinian houses in the town of Qalansawe is a serious development and a clear targeting of Palestinians in Israel, which reveals the real intention of the (Benjamin) Netanyahu government, which denies the rights of Palestinians, including Palestinians in Israel.”

Al-Khoudary called for intensifying Arab and Muslim support for Palestinians in Israel, stressing that they face discrimination at the hands of the Israeli government, the same kind of discrimination endured by of Palestinians elsewhere.

Al-Khoudary concluded by stressing the importance of Palestinian unity to face ‘Israeli plots’, which target Palestinians and their lands, and to work hand in hand to ‘foil all Israeli colonial projects’.

(SAMA, PC, Social Media)

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