Devastated Gaza still Awaiting Int’l Aid

Israel and Egypt continue to enforce a deadly blockade on Gaza despite international condemnation.

Gaza still awaits an international aid package for reconstruction nearly three months after Israel’s 23-day attack on the besieged coastal sliver.

John Ging, Head of the UN Relief and Works Agency in Gaza, says none of the USD 4.5 billion package of reconstruction aid pledged in March has reached the impoverished region because of border restrictions.

"There is no prospect of recovery or reconstruction until we can get access for construction materials," Ging told a news briefing during a visit to the EU headquarters in Brussels.

"Billions of dollars were pledged for recovery and reconstruction and yet none of that can actually connect with those whose lives were destroyed," he added.

Israel continues to enforce its 21-month blockade of the Palestinian territory despite international outcries. This is while Egypt has also restricted crossings at its border with Gaza.

Furthermore, Ging called on the international community to explore avenues in an attempt to come up with a productive and promising solution to the issue of border crossings and provide more access to goods and services for Gazans.

"Today the money is out there in pledges and the people of Gaza continue to subsist in the rubble of their former lives and the attention of the world has sadly moved on, which compounds the despair that people feel," he commented.

Three weeks of Israeli air strikes and a ground incursion resulted in the death of over 1,500 Palestinians and the injury of about 5,450 people in the Gaza Strip. Most of the victims were civilians.

The carnage also inflicted more than USD 1.6 billion of damage on Gaza’s economy.

(Press TV)

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