Feyadh Hints Unity Govt. with Hamas

Palestinian Authority (PA) caretaker Prime Minister Salam Feyadh has said that Palestinians should form a unity government with the participation of both Hamas and Fatah.

Feyadh said that he had reached the conclusion after studying the faults that led to the collapse of the unity government between the Hamas resistance movement and Fatah in 2007.

The unity government fell in June 2007 "due to the absence of a clear security vision," Feyadh opined during an interview with Xinhua on Sunday.

Though Hamas won the Palestinian parliamentary elections in 2006, its rule since 2007 has been limited to the Gaza Strip due to a major dispute with the Fatah-led PA.

The caretaker premier went on to say that there is common ground between the Fatah and Hamas in "refraining from violence."

He added that the formation of a unity government is a step that should be taken before the two rival groups continue reconciliation talks.

Referring to the failure of previous reconciliation plans offered to unite Hamas and Fatah, Feyadh said "all the plans were presumptive, expecting the reconciliation first and then restoring the national unity."

“Unity could be restored through one government and after that, Hamas and Fatah can continue their talks for reconciliation,” he offered.

“We cannot wait for long — until they agree on everything; that’s why one government taking care of the Palestinian people’s interests and implementing the security vision is important as a first step towards unity," Feyadh said.

His comments come a week before the Middle East Quartet is to meet. The group, which is made up of the US, EU, UN and Russia, is expected to meet in Paris on March 15.

(Press TV)

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