Five Years of Hell – A Poem

By Genevieve Cora Fraser
Prisoners in their own land
A million Iraqis
Mission accomplished
The man grinned and said
Plunder, rape, destruction
Occupation’s output
Islamic tensions fed
Western soldiers
A new zombie race
Grab a man by the jaw
Blow off his face
The war without end continues
It’s journey through the gates of hell
For oil and dominion
Babylon’s a notch in the hard sell
To a Middle Eastern conquest
A 21st century Crusade
Biblically prophesized
Rivers of blood
Gurgle and roil
As we are foisted
On our own blade
The national nightmare
Lives on and on
As US soldiers chase
Down a labyrinth of horror
Alleyway to alleyway
Yet can not outpace
The terrorist legions
Millions and millions
Of Misdeeds
Plunder our soul
Feed the disease
Victor or vanquished
Only time will tell
As racist exploits
Continue to pave
The highway
To hell

-Genevieve Cora Fraser contributed this poem to

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