Creative Popular Resistance at Gaza Border (UPDATED)

Palestinian women flying kites at The Great March of Return in Gaza. (Photo: Mohammed Asad, via Mondoweiss)


Palestinian protesters dressed as a character from the movie “Avatar” take part in a protest demanding the right to return to their homeland.

A Tennis Racket to Return Teargas Canisters

A Palestinian protester uses his tennis racket to bounce back a tear gas canister fired by Israeli forces along the Gaza border.


Kites in Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners

Children fly kites with pictures of Palestinian prisoners at the Gaza border.

The Haircut 

A Palestinian gets his hair cut during the Great March of Return.

The Baby Bottle and the Stone

A Palestinian baby holding a bottle in one hand and a stone in the other.


Young Palestinians in Rafah show off their parkour skills in view of the Great Return March this Friday.

World Flags

Palestinians holding world flags at the Gaza border.

Rubber Tires (VIDEO)

Young Palestinian men collecting rubber tires and moving them to the Gaza border where tens of thousand of people are holding the Great March of Return. By burning the tires, protesters hope the smoke would distract Israeli snipers, who have killed 18 protesters and wounded over 1,000 in the last week.


A Palestinian couple celebrated their marriage at the Gaza border, where Palestinians are protesting for their right of return.

Reading Group

Young Palestinians reading books about anti-colonialism and resistance at the Gaza border.

The Palestinian Clown

This Palestinian clown offers entertainment for children who are taking part with their families in the ongoing Great March of Return, at the Gaza border.


Palestinians trying to confuse the Israeli snipers by reflecting the light off a mirror.


Palestinians traditionally dance dabke while gearing up for the Great March of Return, at the Gaza border.

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