Gaza Ghetto, Belsen by the Sea – A Poem

By Sean Brennan

The Gaza Ghetto

We remember, work sets you free,
From the holocaust, and scream.
Breaking our concrete bonds,
We munch our way towards Pharaoh.
Clawing at clay,
To fashion our freedom,
We escape Zion’s den.
‘Bent double, like old beggars under sacks.
Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we curse through sludge’,
Across the strip,
Wondering why Allah has forsaken us.
We hear the noise of thunder,
 And behold. One of the four beasts:
‘A Pale horse, and Hell followed with him’.

Belsen By the Sea

Yid think they’d learnt their lesson
That violence does not pay,
So that  body piled on body
Would not haunt us day by day.

They’d come sailing from Londinium
To make Belsen by the Sea,
While they cared not for our people
With their anti-symmetry.

We’d  watched the human waves,
Come crashing,  falling,  all around,
The desperate and the vanquished,
Informed, its now your town.

No Juden in our heimat was the
Wind that filled their sails,
Our people and their problems
No longer their prevail.

At first the waves came lapping,
To lull us with our pride:
To build a new Jerusalem
Would be their smart aside.

Then mazeltov’s exploded,
Upon our neighbour’s wall.
The laughter, it rang hollow,
As we watched the semites fall.

Stern gang followed stern gang,
‘Likudating’  the Shia fray.
Palestine, no dopplegang,
In their anti-semite sway.

We’ll rid the land of Arab,
In Belsen by the Sea,
So that Juden can obscure,
European bestiality.

They’d come sailing from Londinium
To make Belsen by the Sea,
But they cared not for our people
With their anti-symmetry.

Now we sit here in our bunkers,
And smirk at our decline,
Jerusalem, is sparkling,
As we hear katyusha’s chime.

Yid think we’d learn our lesson,
That violence does not pay,
But  Sunni piled on Shia,
Still haunts us to this day.

-Sean Brennan lives in Belfast. He contributed this article to

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