God Forsaken

By Samah Sabawi

What is a life worth?
A grain of earth
A drop of oil
A flag on a hill of holy soil
A cross…a star…a crescent moon…
Is it worth ending a life too soon?

What sacred verses can explain
Sniper fire…
And white phosphorus rain?
What Holy Scripture gave the command
“Thou shall wipe out they villages
And scorch they land”

And after the massacre
Did they lament?
Did they seek forgiveness?
Did they repent?
Did they try to sanctify their burdened souls
While besieging a people behind their walls
Or did they wear with pride their murderous skills:
A pregnant woman with a caption “I shot 2 kills”

No rest for the less sacred, no safety, no light
No benediction no prayer no end in sight
No bread, no medicine no shelter no salvation
No angels can survive this holy Occupation

What t is the life of a Palestinian worth,
In your God forsaken earth?

– Samah Sabawi contributed this poem to PalestineChronicle.com.

On the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba – the ethnic cleansing and destruction of the Palestinian homeland – please stand with Palestine, with justice and with the truth.

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