Hamas ‘Sorry’ Peres Died Before Facing International Justice

Former Israeli PM Shimon Peres. (Photo: via Electronic Intifada)

Hazem Qasim, the spokesperson for the Hamas movement, said his movement is ‘sorry that Peres died before being sent to court.” He stated that Peres was one of the founding fathers of Israel on the ruins of Palestinians and resulted in the displacement of millions of Palestinians.

He added that the name of Peres in the consciousness of the Palestinian people is connected to his crimes against them. In addition, Peres was part of Israeli governments that wages wars against the Palestinian people, Qasim noted.

Qasim claimed that, during his presidency of the state of Israel, Peres justified crimes committed against Palestinians, especially in the Gaza Strip, saying that his hands are ‘soaked in Arab blood in the Lebanese village of Qana’.

Qasim expressed that he is ‘sorry that Peres died before being persecuted according to the standards of international justice for his crimes against Palestinians and Arabs.”

He called for sending all Israeli leaders to international courts, and to allow them not to enjoy any form of liberty.

(PC, Palestine Now)

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