Haniyeh: Coming Talks Will Put Hard Issues to Rest

Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh told Palestinian high school students on Wednesday that the upcoming week of talks between Hamas and Fatah leaders in Cairo will put to rest all outstanding feuds between the parties.

"The suspended issues will be tackled, success will prevail," Haniyeh said during a tour of one of the Gaza examination halls where more than 30,000 students will take their final tests.

He said the coming week of talks would result in announcements of a new government and its prime minister after weeks of debate and stalemate.

"We are in front of a new stage … we hope that the conciliation ship will find its port so we can begin the process of real implementation throughout the West Bank and Gaza as we agreed," the official said.

Haniyeh told students that they were completing their high school education at an auspicious time, citing breakthroughs in unity talks and improvements in movement and access at the Rafah crossing with Egypt.

He wished students luck, saying that all of Palestine was seeking success as committees prepared to reach consensus on the issues of restructuring the PLO, the execution of the new government mandate and the release of all those detained for political reasons in Palestine.

(Ma’an News)

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