Hebrew Channel Two: Next Gaza War Will be Fiercer

A destroyed Mosque during the 2014 offensive on Gaza. (Photo: File)

The second Hebrew channel has said the next Gaza war “Would be fiercer than the 2014 war.”

The channel mentioned that “Israel’s ground invasion would be based on its aerial superiority,” noting that Israel decided to pay more attention to the ground forces, because “it would be more effective” in any future confrontation.

The channel noted that based on lessons learned from the Second Lebanon War and the Gaza 2014 War, the army introduced improvements to its tanks that would provide more protection.

Israel waged an offensive on the Gaza Strip in July 2014, which claimed the lives of more than 2,200 Palestinians, nearly half of them were children and women.


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  1. Mass murder. Mass bombings. A Crime Against Humanity. Barbarism in its purest form. How can a civilian population defend itself? Where can they escape to? What have they done to Israel apart from EXIST to deserve this?

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