Herzog Agreed on 1967 Borders in Secret Talks

Israeli Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog shakes hands with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. (Photo: via Press TV)

Isaac Herzog, leader of Zionist Union, agreed to return to Israel’s 1967 borders in secret talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in 2014.

During the 2014-2015 election cycle in Israel, Herzog agreed to hand the West Bank and East Jerusalem (Al-Quds) back to Palestinians, according to Israel’s Channel 10.

The agreement, negotiated between Herzog’s delegate, Efraim Sneh, and an unnamed Palestinian representative, was made as part of a peace deal for the future. “I learned that there is someone to talk with, something to talk about, and that we can arrive at understandings on everything,” Sneh said of the negotiations.

However, Sneh claimed that negotiations were stalled when Netanyahu defeated Herzog in the election. The report was considered by some as an attack against Herzog in the wake of his row with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the ruling party.

Herzog had accepted full withdrawal to the 1967 borders although land swaps had also been discussed over four percent the territory. He had also promised to provide financial compensation for the majority of Palestinian refugees.

Palestinian officials have not yet commented on the matter.

Netanyahu has, on various occasions, rejected any notion that the Israeli regime should even consider withdrawing from territories it seized in 1967.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been expelled from their homeland to the West Bank and Gaza Strip as well as countries in the region and worldwide since the 1948 Israeli occupation.

Consequently, the Israeli regime has encouraged the immigration of Jews from all over the world to the occupied Palestinian lands.

(Press TV, PC)

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