Hundreds of Israeli Settlers Invade Palestinian Village, Perform Religious Rituals

Flood lights and portable toilets are set up for Israeli settlers to perform rituals in the Palestinian village by night. (Photo: Maan)

Hundreds of Israeli settlers, escorted by armed Israeli forces, raided the Palestinian village of Kifl Haris in the central occupied West Bank Salfit district, where they performed religious rituals throughout the day and into Thursday evening.

Israeli army forces installed checkpoints at the entrance of the town around noon, preventing Palestinian traffic from passing through the town.

Residents of Kifl Haris have been living under continuous tension due to Israeli settlers’ raids to a number of tombs exist in the village, which Palestinians in the area believe to be the graves of Muslim prophet Dhul-Kifl, the Sufi saint Dhul-Nun, and another shrine built by 12-century Sultan Saladin.

Israeli Settlers have been taking advantage of their religious holy days to invade a number of Palestinian towns in villages, including Hebron, Ramallah and Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Settlers who visit the tombs of Kifl Haris to pray often actively disrupt Palestinian residents and damage property.

(Maan, PC, Social Media)

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