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  • September 29, 2016

    School in Qatar Removes Israeli Flag Display

    A private British school in Qatar has come under fire after putting up a display of the Israeli flag this week. The flag was erected in the main hall of Doha College West Bay where it was spotted byparents. - Qatar’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education tweeted about the incident on Monday, sayingthe schoolhad“apologized for any distress caused.” - -... More →
  • September 29, 2016

    Gazans Denied Entry to Al-Aqsa on Account of Peres Funeral

    Israeli authorities have prevented Gazan worshipers from attending the Friday prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem due to the funeral of former Israeli President, Shimon Peres. - Israel allows 250 elderly Palestinian worshipers from Gaza to travel through the Erez crossing to pray at the Al-Aqsa mosque every Friday, on the condition that they return to Gaza on the same day. - In a livestreamed interview... More →
  • September 29, 2016

    Hamas 'Sorry’ Peres Died Before Facing International Justice

    Hazem Qasim, the spokesperson for the Hamas movement, said his movement is ‘sorry that Peres died before being sent to court.” He stated that Peres was one of the founding fathers of Israel on the ruins of Palestinians and resulted in the displacement of millions of Palestinians. - He added that the name of Peres in the consciousness of the Palestinian people is connected to his crimes against them. In addition,... More →
  • September 28, 2016

    Behind the Scenes Diplomatic Crisis Between Israel and France: Paper

    The London-based Alhayat Newspaper has revealed that a new diplomatic crisis between France and Israel is ongoing behind the scenes after France proposed an initiative for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. - The newspaper noted that a high-ranking French official has directed serious accusations against Israel, adding that a salient diplomatic crisis has begun between the two countries since then. - According... More →
  • September 28, 2016

    Israel Renews Administrative Detention of Palestinian Prisoner for the 6th Time

    An Israeli court has renewed the administrative detention of Palestinian prisoner, Bilal Salim Salhab al-Tamimi, for the sixth time since he was detained more than two years ago, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Center for Studies said in a statement on Tuesday. - Al-Tamimi’s lawyer filed an appeal to the court not to renew the administrative detention order, while the Israeli prosecution told the court al-Tamimi was... More →
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