Injured Palestinian Child Arrives in Ramallah, But It Was Too Late (VIDEO)

Abdulrahman Nofal, 12, who was shot in his leg by an Israeli sniper at the Gaza border. (Photo: via Twitter)

Abdulrahman Nofal, 12,  was shot in the leg by an Israeli sniper at the Gaza border, reportedly with the prohibited expanding bullets of Dumdum.

??#Palestine || #Video || The injured Child Abdullrahman Nofal who was shot in the leg by Israeli sniper at the eastern borders of Gaza by using prohibited expanding bullets of Dumdum which caused serious injuries to his leg . . . Israeli occupation authorities refused the request of Palestinian Military of Health to give a permission for the injured Palestinian child Abdullrahman Nofal (11) to get medical treatment aboard in attempt to save leg . . لقاء مع عائلة الطفل عبد الرحمن نوفل الذي أصيب بطلق ناري متفجر في ساقه . . ?? #TR : #Filistin : Yasaklı Genişleyen Mermi !! #Gazze 'nin #doğu sınırlarında işgalci israil keskin nişancısı tarafından, yasaklanmış genişleyen mermi kullanılarak bacağından vurularak çok ciddi yaralanmasına sebep olunan yaralı çocuk Abdullrahman Nofal .. . israil işgal yetkilileri, Filistin Ordusu'nun, 11 yaşındaki yaralı Filistinli Abdullrahman Nofal'in bacağını kaybetmemesi için tıbbi tedavi alması konusundaki izin taleplerini reddetti. . ?? #DE : Das palästinensische Kind Abdulrahman Nofal (11) wurde von einer Kugel in seinem Bein getroffen, die von den israelischen Besatzungskräften bei dem östlichen Grenzen Gazas gefeiert wurde. . . ?? #IDN : Anak yang terluka Abdullrahman Nofal yang ditembak kakinya oleh sniper Israel di perbatasan timur Gaza dengan menggunakan peluru yang terlarang dari Dumdum menyebabkan luka serius di kakinya. . . Otoritas Israel menolak permintaan dari Palestina Militer Kesehatan untuk memberikan izin untuk anak Palestina yang terluka Abdullrahman Nofal (11thn) untuk mendapatkan perawatan medis di kapal dalam upaya untuk menyelamatkan kakinya.

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In the beginning, Israeli occupation authorities refused to give the boy permission to get medical treatment abroad, in order for his leg to be saved.

The military’s authorization to leave Gaza for medical treatment was only released on Wednesday, and the child was moved to Ramallah, where he arrived in the evening, along with his grandmother.

Unfortunately, the surgeons were forced to make the difficult decision to amputate Abdulrahman’s leg, in order to save his life.

(WAFA, PC, Social Media)

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