Islamic Jihad Mediating between Hamas and Egypt

Nov 18 2016 / 6:14 pm
A file photo of a Hamas delegation, lead by Dr. Mahmoud al-Zahhar. (Photo: File)

Palestinian sources said Egyptian authorities allowed Hamas spokesperson Sami Abuzuhri to travel through the Rafah crossing with Egypt after he was prevented from doing so by Egyptian authorities, which, along with Israel placed Gaza under hermetic siege for years.

The sources said the move is part of “a series of measures to be taken by Egypt to ease the siege on the Strip, as part of a “new Egyptian vision” towards Gaza.

Top Hamas leader Mahmoud Alzahar has recently revealed that a Hamas delegation will visit Cairo to discuss economic ties between Egypt and Gaza.

An Islamic Jihad delegation has arrived in Cairo two days ago to discuss opening the Rafah crossing, Hamas’s relations with Egypt and the future of the Palestinian-Egyptian relations.

Sources aware of the discussions told Sama News Agency that progress has been made following the Islamic Jihad visit to Cairo and the Egyptian authorities “are discussing the consequences of applying the Islamic Jihad proposal regarding Gaza, considering regional and international complications.”

These sources also said the Islamic Jihad leader, Ramdan Shalah, is trying to bridge the gap between Egypt and Hamas and that Egypt will receive a Hamas delegation soon. The Hamas delegation will reportedly include leaders from outside and inside Palestine.


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