Israel Arrested 2,320 Palestinian Children since October 2015

Aug 6 2016 / 2:56 pm
Many Palestinian children are serving time in Israeli jails. (Photo: via Alalam, file)

Abdelnasser Farwaneh, Head of the Research Unit at the Former Detainees Coalition said there has been an increase in the number of child prisoners in Israeli jails since the Jerusalem Uprising that began in October 2015.

Farwaneh noted that the Israeli occupation authorities have arrested 2,320 Palestinian children since October 2015, 400 of whom are still in Israeli prisons.

He added that the number of child prisoners has increased since 2011, which puts the future of Palestinian children at risk.

“The increase is dangerous but what is more dangerous is the violations they are exposed to. The situation is bitter. The accounts we receive from Israeli jails are horrendous and worrying,” he said.

Farwaneh asserted that the Israeli government supports these measures and that the recent Israeli legislation that allows for sentencing minors aged 14 to actual imprisonment, is not surprising.

He called for reviewing all aspects of this law and taking the necessary measures to protect the future of Palestinian children.

(PC, Palestine Today)

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