Israel to Pay $10 mn in Compensation to UN

Israel will pay the United Nations $10 million in compensation for targeting its facilities during the 22-day offensive on the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak informed UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of Tel Aviv’s decision.

The main UN compound in Gaza was left in flames on January 15, 2009 after being struck by Israeli artillery fire. The building had been hit by shells containing the incendiary agent white phosphorus, UN officials said.

The UN Relief and Works Agency, which looks after around four million Palestinian refugees in the region, suspended its operations in Gaza after the attack. The attack injured three UN employees.

The UN Secretary-General expressed his "strong protest and outrage" at the shelling and demanded an investigation.

The Israeli shelling targeted medicine and food warehouse. The food and medicine were meant to be delivered to the impoverished residents of the Gaza Strip.

More than 1,400 Palestinians were killed during three weeks of Israel’s land, sea and air assault in Operation Cast Lead, at the impoverished coastal sliver. The offensive also inflicted $ 1.6 billion damage to Gaza economy.

(Press TV)

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