Israeli Bill Favors Ex-soldiers as Diplomats

The Israeli cabinet is to vote on a new proposal by Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, which states that ex-soldiers should be favored for diplomatic posts.

Tel Aviv will discuss the new bill on Sunday, which calls for giving preference to those who have served in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and volunteered in the national service when selecting candidates for foreign ministry’s posts.

If the cabinet approves the proposal, Arabs and other Jews who refuse to join the Israeli armed forces will face difficulty to join the Israeli Foreign Service, Ynetnews reported on Sunday.

"… Israel must aspire to adapt itself to the existing situation in other western democracies such as the United States and France, where acceptance of military alumni into public service is anchored in legislation or presidential edict," the explanation for the proposal said.

"As part of the process of enlisting Israeli diplomats, and in light of the feeling of commitment to the state required of those representing it abroad, it is proper to consider the basic values of the State of Israel and Israeli society, which are expressed among other things by those who gave their best years to serve the state and the society by way of army service, civil service, or actions for the benefit of the state or society," it added.

(Press TV)

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