Israeli Forces Physically Assault Palestinian Teen in Hebron

Yousef Abu Aysha, 15, was repeatedly physically assaulted by Israeli forces on an Israeli military checkpoint in Tel Rumeida, Hebron. (Photo: via Social Media)

A Palestinian minor was hospitalized after Israeli forces physically assaulted him in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood, in Hebron City (Al-Khalil), in the southern occupied West Bank.

Local sources confirmed that Yousef Abu Aysha, 15, was repeatedly physically assaulted by Israeli forces on an Israeli military checkpoint in Tel Rumeida as he was passing through with his mother on Saturday evening.

Sources pointed out that Palestinian residents attempted to help Yousef immediately, however, Israeli forces opened fire and closed the checkpoint.

*Follow-up/Photo:* Yousef Abu Aysha, 15 years old, was transferred to hospital after he was repeatedly violently…

Posted by ‎محمد عرفان تركي‎ on Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sources added that Israeli forces allowed a Palestinian ambulance to reach Yousef and transfer him to a nearby hospital.

Medical sources confirmed that Yousef sustained various injuries and bruises all over his body, in addition, he was severely traumatized from the assault.

The area of Tel Rumeida has long been a flash-point for tensions between Palestinians and Israeli settlers and military, as it is located near illegal Israeli settlements whose residents are notoriously aggressive toward Palestinians.

Tel Rumeida is located within the area of the city designated as H2, an area taking over the bulk of Hebron’s Old City that is under full Israeli military control, and the site of five illegal Israeli settlements which continually expand into surrounding Palestinian neighborhoods.

The Israeli-controlled H2 area is home to 30,000 Palestinians and around 800 Jewish settlers who live under the protection of Israeli forces.

Some 800 notoriously aggressive Jewish settlers now live under the protection of the Israeli military in the Old City of Hebron, surrounded by more than 30,000 Palestinians.

Palestinian residents of the Old City face a large Israeli military presence on a daily basis, with at least 20 checkpoints set up at the entrances of many streets, as well as the entrance of the Ibrahimi Mosque itself.

Meanwhile, Jewish settlers move freely on the street, drive cars, and carry machine guns.

(Ma’an, PC, Social Media)

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