Israeli Forces Prevent Burial of Palestinian Elder, Arrests Her Grandsons

Haram al-Sharif compound in occupied East Jerusalem. (Photo: File)

Israeli occupation forces in Jerusalem prevented the burial of Palestinian elder Khadija Abuildula at Bab Alrahrma Islamic graveyard located to the east of Al-Aqsa Mosque, claiming that the graveyard’s was “confiscated by the Israeli natural resources authority.”

Dozens of Israeli troops besieged the graveyard as the mourning march of Abuildula approached the graveyard and prevented the mourners from entering the graveyard with the body.

Mourners were reportedly told that the land of the grave “has been confiscated and burial inside the graveyard in no longer permitted.”

The family of Abuildula told local media that burial has never been an issue before and that a number of their family members are already buried inside the graveyard, including the son and the father of the deceased.

Israeli forces have arrested Musa Abujubran and Shafiq Abuildula, the grandsons of the Palestinian elder, during the morning hours, local media reported.


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