Israeli Journalist Apologizes for Calling Arabs ‘Savages’ (VIDEO)

Israeli journalist Yaron London. (Photo: via Twitter)

Israeli television presenter Yaron London yesterday apologized for calling Arabs “savages”.

London said in a press release yesterday:

“Many people, particularly our Arab viewers, were hurt by what I said. During the night, I heard a recording of the program and found that I had tripped up in my language. My choice of language was improper and they have reason to be offended. I apologize for that.”

In a discussion on the new TV drama “Our Boys,” London had said:

“The Arabs are savages… They hate not only Jews. Above all, they’re murdering one another. Right, left, forward, to the east, to the west, Arabs are slaughtering Arabs.”

The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation demanded an apology.

In his explanation, London said:

“Of course, in saying ‘the Arabs,’ I didn’t mean the individual Arab, but rather the leadership of Arab societies in neighboring countries.”

London said he saw no reason to retract his statement since it relates to the leadership but acknowledged that it could also be interpreted as a sweeping generalization toward Arabs. “I deeply apologize for that and make it clear: God forbid that I should think that the Arabs are savages,” he said.

(Middle East Monitor, PC, Social Media)

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