Israeli Report: Blatant Discrimination in Israeli Schools against Arab Students

Aug 19 2017 / 8:31 pm
Palestinian students in Jerusalem evacuated from their school by Israeli soldiers. (Photo: via PNN, file)

A report by the Israeli Ministry of Education has said Jewish Israeli students obtain government funding that is some 67% higher than that granted to Arab Students. The report clarifies that the difference is related to the impoverished economic conditions of Arab students compared to Jewish students.

According to the ministry, approximately 40% of Jewish high school students are descendants of affluent families, compared to only 1% of Arab high school students.

The report said that the ministry’s funding strategies for secondary schools affects students from vulnerable groups and prevents their progress. The higher the school budget is corresponded to number of teaching hours and the range of subjects available.

Local authorities also share part of the responsibility for the budget gap. Schools in wealthy cities and towns impose fees on students’ parents and use the money they collect to finance extra-classes, to purchase new computers and other things.

Data analysis shows that the Arab students from poor economic backgrounds receive funding of 21.3 thousand shekels annually, while Jewish students from the same background receives government funding of 35.6 thousand shekels annually.

(MEMO, PC, Social Media)

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