‘Israel’s Intransigency Angering Arabs’

Jordanian Prime Minister Marouf al-Bakhit says that Israel’s intransigency in regard to its policies toward the Palestinians is only increasing the animosity of the people of the Arab world.

"Israel should give up its fortress mentality and stop all unilateral actions, particularly the building of settlements," Bakhit said in a statement issued after a meeting with US Undersecretary of State William Burns on Saturday, Ha’aretz reported.

Israel’s refusal to halt settlement construction on Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank has been a major obstacle in the talks between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israel.

In September, PA negotiators walked out of US-sponsored direct talks with Tel Aviv after Israel refused to extend a partial moratorium on the construction of settlements.

"Israel should look forward to the future and realize that justice and the dignity of peoples is an indispensable issue," Bakhit said.

Bakhit, who was formerly the Jordanian ambassador to Israel, also noted that the continued deadlock in the Middle East talks will only intensify public outrage in the region "as a result of their feeling of an imbalance in the criteria of justice."

In addition, Palestinians have accused Israel of conducting a Judaization campaign with the goal of eradicating the Palestinian and Islamic identity of the occupied territories, especially East al-Quds (Jerusalem).

They argue that the Judaization of al-Quds would make the formation of an independent Palestinian state impossible.

(Press TV)

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