Kam Gives up Journalistic Immunity

Anat Kam has relinquished her journalistic immunity as the source of Ha’aretz reporter Uri Blau, calling on him to return all the documents she allegedly leaked to him.

Her lawyer Avigdor Feldman said he had urged Blau to return from his self-imposed exile in London, Ha’aretz reported Monday.

Kam, 23, has been accused of espionage for stealing 2,000 classified documents during her compulsory military service from 2005 to 2007 and leaking them to Blau.

"We are working hard to convince Uri Blau through indirect ways to return to the country with the documents," said the lawyer.

"Now she gave up her immunity as a source, and I am asking that he return, and his return, as far as I understand, will minimize the affair," he added.

Blau’s attorneys will meet with Kam’s lawyers in the coming days.

The attorneys will also seek a hearing for Kam, who reportedly has been under secret house arrest for almost four months.

Justice Ministry officials, however, said since Kam’s case involved an arrest, there is no obligation to hold a hearing.

(Press TV)

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