Letter to the Editor: The

To the Editor:

Just as a year ago, the "rulers" of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia were colluding with Israel to condemn Hezbollah for its resistance to Israeli aggression in Lebanon, now the "leaders" of Egypt and Jordan (hoping that The Saudi king will ,join them) are colluding with Israel and Abbas to condemn the Hamas pre-emptive strike against the US/Israeli/Dahlan intended rebellion in Gaza.
Perhaps it is understandable that these "rulers" should be nervous at any sign of Arab action against undemocratic power but it would be surely be more impressive if there were signs that they leant from their mistakes and were responsive to popular demand. Using words like "terrorists" and "coups" is hardly likely to impress anyone outside US/EU where the reality is hidden from the people to the best of the corrupt media’s ability.
Christopher Leadbeater
Kent, England

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