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Blind, Pro-Israel Policies

To the Editor:

A few days ago, my family and I, watched Occupation 101. I find it hard to believe that a nation such as Israel is still breaking every International law without being held accountable.

I am also left with a rather disturbing thought, which refuses to go away, and that is, it was ordinary, decent American citizens like the parents of Rachel and James, who paid for the bulldozer which killed Rachel and the bullet which killed James and the citizens of the US still haven’t figured it out, that their blind acceptance of the Bush administration and their apparent lack of knowledge of the consequences of the votes they’re casting now, will have a devastating impact on the continued anti US resentment which is building worldwide.

Every vote for the pro-Zionists (I’d mention a few but there are so many,) will guarantee that this anti-US and anti-Israel anger will continue and escalate and every country in the world is being used to promote the Hegemonic power of Zionist Israel.

Doesn’t anyone else find it disturbing, the sinister, all-pervading tentacles which are emanating from the Zionist state? Its Iraqis and Palestinians and possibly the Iranians today, it could be us tomorrow.

Ingrid B Mørk, Norway

International Appeal

To the Editor:

Re: On Dr. Ahmed Yusuf’s Appeal to the International Community – (Palestine Chronicle, Jan.16,2007)

We in the International Community continue to sympathise with the Palestinian Liberation struggle, the last of the Liberation Movements. This is especially true of the liberated former colonies, India being one of them. The Palestinian struggle strikes a chord in our hearts and imaginations as we recall our own freedom struggle against British colonial rule.

While our leaders and the people of India were the key players (as in Palestine, the people leaders are), the support of good people all over the world also helped in bringing the struggle to a successful conclusion. We in the International Community world wide actively support the BDS Movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) against Israel. We speak out appropriately and non violently for the liberation of Palestine. And we are indignant about Israel’s ongoing aggression against the Palestinians, and more recently the military incursions into Gaza. We condemn those acts.

In 2006, Dr. Ahmad wrote a fine piece for the Washington Post ‘Engage With Hamas’ in which he outlined a peaceful agenda for a democratic society, civil liberties and free markets. It is, therefore with great sorrow that we view Israel’s efforts to nullify and negate Palestinian aspirations for a liberated, democratic society. In this context I wish to inform readers of Palestine Chronicle that a Petition is online with signatures from 108 countries requesting the United Nations to establish an International Criminal Tribunal to bring Israel leaders to trial for genocide and war crimes both against Lebanon & Palestine.

Here is the Petition: http://www.PetitionOnline.com/un040806

Vijaya Rajiva

(Dr. Rajiva taught Political Philosophy at university level and has written on the Palestinian question).

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