Livni: Israelis Seek Moving Abroad

Israeli opposition chairman says hundreds of thousands of citizens are trying to find ways to leave Israel due to the current ‘grim political situation’.

Leader of the opposition Kadima Party, Tzipi Livni, said Wednesday that hundreds of thousands of Israelis are searching for ways to move abroad due to what she described as bleak political situation and lack of vision of the current government, Israel’s Ynet News reported.

"I see the despair of many Israelis. Hundreds of thousands see what is happening and arrange for a foreign passport, send their children to study abroad and even buy a house overseas," Livni told hundreds of Kadima members and activists at a gathering in Tirat Hacarmel.

Livni strongly criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his "lack of vision and lack of clear path", saying the ministers and deputy ministers are only focused on their own survival.

She added that only Kadima officials and members of Knesset are acting for a better future in Israel as the Netanyahu-led coalition lacks a clear path.

"Gentlemen, every one of Kadima’s members and activists should be proud of the party. There is no other faction like it in the Knesset, and hasn’t been one in many years," she said.

Livni formed a shadow government in May after refusing to join the largely right-wing cabinet of Netanyahu’s Likud party.

(IRIN News)

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