Mother of Israeli Soldier Captured by Hamas: ‘My Son is Still Alive’

Two Israeli soldiers went missing during Israel’s 2014 offensive on the Gaza Strip. (Photo: via Social Media)

Zehava Shaul, mother of Oron Shaul, the Israeli soldier who was captured by Hamas fighters in the summer of 2014 during fighting to the east of Gaza said she ‘has evidence her son is still alive.”

Shaul told Yideot Ahranot, an Israeli daily newspaper, “My son might have been injured somewhere in Gaza, but it is clear to me that when he was captured, he was alive.”

She added, “I say this with a strong belief, based on my feeling and what Hamas has told me.”

Shaul further stated: “The evidence which has been provided to me by the [Israeli] army and the government until today does not prove that Oron is dead.”

She accused the Israeli army of “failure during the battle that resulted in the capture of her son,” adding that “the Israeli Prime Minister does not want to admit that publicly.”

Al-Qassam Brigade, the Military Wing of Hamas, announced the capture of Israeli soldier, Oron Shaul, during a battle to the east of Gaza two years ago.


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