On the Occasion of World Poetry Day Haidar Eid Sings for Detained Poet Ashraf Fayyadh!

Poet and artist Ashraf Fayadh.

On the Occasion of World Poetry Day (21.3.2016), Gaza- based  human rights activists released an amateur video-clip in support of the Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayyadh, who has been detained in a Saudi prison since January 1, 2014, without access to a lawyer since then. He was initially sentenced to death for “apostasy” by a regional court in Saudi Arabia on November 17, 2015. Due to international pressure and campaigns the sentence has recently been reduced to 8 years imprisonment and 800 lashes! The video-clip, performed by the Palestinian activist Haidar Eid, titled “Thirsty for Freedom,” adapted from a poem by the late legendary Egyptian poet Ahmed  Fouad Negm.

 I am thirsty (for freedom )

The walk to freedom is full of hurdles

the desert is so expansive and faraway

I am thirsty even though the water is so near

I am thirsty for freedom

Even though my steps are lost in a painful maze

the dream is worth it

And every time I get lost

My poetry shows me the light

I am thirsty (for freedom)

Oh sweetheart ! my shining star!

 you are the light of my dungeon

  It’s written on your palm

 “It’s time to go home “


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