PA: Lieberman Remarks ‘Misleading’

The Palestinian Authority Foreign Ministry on Thursday accused Israel’s Foreign Minister of trying to mislead international public opinion.

Avigdor Lieberman on Tuesday told Cypriot President Demitris Christofias that President Mahmoud Abbas was not interested in a peace agreement, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported.

Responding to the remarks, the Ramallah-based ministry said in a statement that Lieberman’s statement was false and sought to misrepresent the Palestinian Authority in the international arena.

Abbas has responded positively to all opportunities to revive negotiations with Israel, the ministry said.

The president sent delegations to exploratory talks in Amman in January, where Israel refused to provide its positions on security and borders as requested by the international Quartet of peace mediators, it added.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government continues to violate Palestinians’ rights, deliberately destroying any chance of implementing the two-state solution.

The ministry said it holds the Israeli government fully responsible for the failure of negotiations.

Lieberman’s comments were made as a Palestinian delegation delivered a letter on the peace process from Abbas to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


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