Palestinians in Europe Hold Annual Conference, Stress Right of Return

Apr 17 2017 / 11:58 am
A Palestinian child holds up a picture of a key, symbolizing the homes Palestinian refugees left behind. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Thousands of Palestinians from across Europe took part in the 15th Palestinians in Europe Conference, held in the Dutch city of Rotterdam under the Slogan “100 Years On, A Victorious Nation and Unbreakable Determination,” PIC reported.

The conference comes 100 years after the Balfour Declaration, when British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour pledged support for a Jewish national home in Palestine, at the expense of the Palestinian indigenous population.

The conference “addressed a number of issues including the socio-political situation in Palestine, the role played by the Palestinians overseas, and the Palestinians’ right of return to their motherland,” PIC noted.

A statement issued at the end of the Rotterdam conference reaffirmed the commitment of the Palestinian community across the European continent to its “right of return to Palestine, which is an irrevocable, indivisible, unchangeable, and irreversible individual and collective right.”

The statement recalled the destructive fallout of the Balfour Declaration on the Palestinian people over the past 100 years and called on the United Kingdom to make an official apology for the pledge.

The speakers also said they believe that all standpoints regarding any project or initiative aiming to work out the Palestinian cause should take into consideration Palestinians’ right to return to Palestine, to self-determination, and to emancipation from the Israeli occupation.

(PIC, PC, Social Media)

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3 Comments for “Palestinians in Europe Hold Annual Conference, Stress Right of Return”

  1. yuraldousch baghs

    Palestinians have the right of return to Palestine – but not israel.

    • Jim Hyder

      The people of Palestine must go back to their homes and be respected as the rightful owners of their homes they were pushed out of.
      Zionazis are stealing their land and claiming God gave it to them. BULLSHIT! Putting religion in an argument is where the coward goes to for comfort, but facts are facts. Zionists have no claim that would ever stand the magnifying of truth.

  2. Rayhan

    Palestinians have the right to return to the place where they came from, call it whatever you wish!

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