‘Passover Siege’ in Hebron: Palestinians Endure so Israelis Can Enjoy Holiday

The southern West Bank city of Hebron is under what local Palestinians are calling a siege to enable tens of thousands of Israelis to celebrate the holiday of Passover this week by invading the city.

Israeli forces are stationed at all entrances to Hebron, the largest city in the West Bank with a population of some 170,000 Palestinians … Israeli military presence is particularly pronounced in Hebron’s downtown area.

Numerous roads and side streets were closed to Palestinians, particularly those to the east of the Ibrahimi Mosque, thus forcing the thousands of residents living in this area to take alternative, longer routes home which could add up to 12 kilometres to their journeys.

The Hebron Defense Committee reports that the army closed off parts of H1, the area of the city ostensibly under Palestinian Authority control, so that Israeli visitors could move about freely. Soldiers further occupied numerous roofs of Palestinian-owned homes in downtown Hebron.

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