PFLP Calls for International Efforts against Israeli ‘Racism’

A child carries the poster of imprisoned PFLP leader, Ahmad Saadat. (Photo: File)

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) has called for international mobilization in support of Israel’s Palestinian-Arab citizens against the government’s “racist” policies, including house demolitions, QudsNet reported on Sunday.

The PFLP stressed that the protests by thousands of Palestinian-Arabs proves that they are rooted in their own land and are striving against Israel’s displacement plans. “Our brothers in occupied Palestine — Israel — prove that they are defending 78 per cent of the historic Palestinian land,” said the PFLP in a statement. The group noted that these non-Jewish Israeli citizens insist on continuing to fight against the “apartheid” policy imposed on them by Israel’s government.

“They insist on keeping their Arab identity against the Zionist attempts to make changes in the land in favor of Judaisation projects,” explained the PFLP. “These include confiscating lands, demolishing homes and moving Arab residents and attempting to replace them with Jews.”

Meanwhile, the group said that the remarks made by Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman against the Arab citizens of Israel are an attempt to justify “Israeli crimes and other criminal practices.” Liebermann described the Arab residents of Israel as a security threat to the country. The PFLP insisted that this requires international interference to stop the “ethnic cleansing” which is being enforced on the “Palestinians in Israel.”

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