Rania Masri Speech: ‘ Mr.Obama, What is Barbaric?’

A speech by Rania Masri, the keynote speaker, during the ‘Texas For Gaza’ protest on August 2, 2014 in Austin Texas. (Note that the recording missed the first few seconds. She began it by saying that “Yesterday, the Obama administration said that the abduction of the Israeli invading soldier by the Palestinian Resistance was a “barbaric act”.)

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for linking the speech. I posted it on Sunday. Monday, it had 1000 views. Tuesday: it had 3000 views. Today: almost 10,000 views!

  2. It is clear that Obama’s legacy will wear the shrouds of death wrought by his administration’s moral, political, military and economic support for a heinous, vile, reprehensible and brutal settler Zionist regime.To the eternal shame of the USA.

  3. I have to add the killer Verse from Bob Marley’s song:


    Until the philosophy which hold one race superior
    And another
    Is finally
    And permanently
    And abandoned –
    Everywhere is war –
    Me say war.

  4. obama and his administration are the ones who are being barbaric, and israel is the worst terrorist i have ever heard of. my message to the palestinians dont let down the resistance as long as palestine is not completely free

    As I write this, bombs are falling around us. Electricity is severely restricted and water is hardly available. The loud and frightening sounds of missiles, drones, constant shelling are everywhere. Awake at night, fearfully waiting for the bombing; awake during the day, assisting the injured and searching the ruins of what were once family homes.gave refuge from this harsh world). Awake during the day to search for food and medicine, to bury our dead, and to wait for the night when they will destroy it all again. The death toll has reached 1813 killed (398 children, 207 women, 74 elderly) and 9370 injured (2744 children, 175

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