Reporter on Board Zaytouna Describes How Israeli Navy Intercepted Them

Oct 6 2016 / 11:27 am
Israeli naval forces storm the Zaytouna boat. (Photo: International Committee for Breaking the Siege of Gaza)

The Israeli occupation authorities began deporting female activists on board the Zaytouna boat who were attempting to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip when the Israeli navy intercepted them.

Rishit Bit Hebrew-language radio station said the boat arrived in the port of Ashdod by dawn, and no injuries were reported while taking over the boat by the Israeli navy.

Mina Harbilo, a reporter for Al-Jazeera described the situation saying, “The Israeli army surrounded the boat while it was still in international waters and ordered the captain to sail towards the port of Ashdod. The captain refused the Israeli order stating that the boat was still in international waters, 33 miles away from Gaza.”

She continued, “The Israeli navy offered the female activists to be transferred to Gaza via land, but they refused and asserted that their aim was to break the sea blockade.”

The reported noted, “The Israeli army then took over the boat. The women showed no resistance as they wanted to emphasize that their mission was peaceful. The women cried because they could not reach Gaza”

Thee 13 activists have been sailing to Gaza for days to break the sea blockade imposed by Israel. However, the Israeli navy announced that it will not allow them to sail to Gaza.


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