Shin Bet Agent Involved in Terrorist Act against Palestinians

Elisha Odess.

Shin Bet agents have taken part in terror attacks against Palestinians and incited settlers to carry out crimes in the occupied West Bank, reported yesterday.

Informed sources said Shin Bet had arrested right wing Elisha Odess, 17, and Hanoch Ganiram putting them under administrative detention on suspicion of carrying out crimes against Palestinians.

Though a gag order has been imposed on the two suspects, Israeli website Tikun Olamrevealed that while they were interrogated the names of two other suspects were revealed and they were arrested. The two are Amiram Beoliel and Israel K.

The site said the last name of the second suspect is still unknown, adding that both are accused of arson in the attack against the home of the Dawabsheh family.

The attack, which took place in July, resulted in the death of a young couple and their one-year-old son. The couple’s other son is still undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit of an Israeli hospital. said Shin Bet planted its agents within settlement youths and now refuses to charge the suspects or release them, fearing the identity of their sources may be revealed.

According to the website, Ganiram is the grandson of Yitzhak Ganiram who targeted several Palestinian officials in the 1980s. He has previously been arrested and released on bail.


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