SodaScream – Bubble Trouble – Video

Why is SodaScream problematic?

SodaScream has a factory in the Israeli settlement of Mishor Adumim in the West Bank, Palestine.

There are over 150 Israeli settlements in the West Bank, with more than 500,000 Israeli civilians living in them.

Settlements are illegal under international law. According to both the United Nations and the European Union, they are one of the biggest obstacles to achieving peace in the Middle East.

Apart from being illegal, the settlements are built on Palestinian land, leaving many Palestinian families homeless. They use natural resources, such as water, that are denied to the Palestinians and restrict the freedom of movement in the West Bank.

SodaScream has a factory in the settlement of Mishor Adumim. This makes it a part of Israel’s military occupation. It benefits financially from cheap Palestinian labor, noticeable tax subsidies, and of the deficiencies in labor and environmental laws. The occupation maintains two radically different legal systems – civil law for Israeli citizens, and military law for Palestinians – it meets the criteria of apartheid.

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