Sorry, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Iran is not the Islamic State

So it finally happened. After weeks of acrimony and politicking, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered his speech before Congress. You can follow The Washington Post’s full coverage of the event here.

Netanyahu spoke along the script most anticipated, inveighing against the existential threat that would be posed to Israel by an Iran with nuclear weapons and calling out the perfidy of the regime in Tehran. He insisted that there was little difference between the rulers of the Islamic Republic and the militants of the Islamic State.

“Iran and [the Islamic State] are competing for the crown of militant Islam. One calls itself the Islamic Republic. The other calls itself the Islamic State,” Netanyahu said. “Both want to impose a militant Islamic empire first on the region and then on the entire world. They just disagree among themselves who will be the ruler of that empire.”

The Israeli leader went on to dismiss the fact that Shiite-led Iran is on the front lines of the battle against the Sunni extremists. “When it comes to Iran and [the Islamic State], the enemy of your enemy is your enemy,” Netanyahu said.

– Read more: Sorry, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Iran is not the Islamic State – Ishaan Tharoor, The Washington Post

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