The Eyes of Gaza

By Heathcote Williams

Ariel Sharon’s
Body’s been in a coma
Lasting for five years.

Hell’s gates are narrow.
Until he can fit through them,
He must wait his turn.

Here are some haiku
For an old war criminal
With no IQ left.

If they’re read loudly,
At a million decibels,
He may register

The hatred that all
Killers attract – however
Right they think they’ve been.

The sonic blast could
Open hell so his huge corpse
May squeeze through at last.

The Palestinians
Killed by Ariel Sharon
In the Sabra camp

And in Shatila,
While he floodlit their dwellings,
Could watch him shoved in.

Two thousand could watch,
With those killed in Quibiya –
Forty-eight mowed down

By Sharon’s death squads –
They could peer from a distance
To see his trapped soul,

Squirming and heaving,
Snarled up in tubes. Then others,
Who lived in Gaza

And had their houses
Knocked down by him, burying
Them alive, could watch.

His ‘Operation
Peace In Galilee’ would kill
Eighteen thousand more.

They too might be drawn
To study their tormentor’s
Final solution:

He breathes without help,
But otherwise it’s clear that
There is no one there.

There has to be a price
When you’ve turned someone into
No-one so often.

Like the wall he built
To divide a Semitic
People – he’s cut off.

Like the olive trees
On others’ land he uprooted,
He is now barren –

He can’t produce fruit.
After years without listening,
He no longer speaks.

He ordered triggers
To be pulled in targeted

In the Gaza Strip.
Now he’s unable to move
A single digit.

Having caged people
In Gaza’s ghetto, he lies
In a living tomb.

– Heathcote Williams is an English poet, actor and award-winning playwright. He contributed this poem to

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