The Great and the Poor America

By Eyad Sarraj – Gaza

A few days ago, Three American scientists have won the noble peace prize for discovering that the universe is expanding. Many American scientists are prize winners and laureates. There is no doubt that the US is the most advanced on almost all sciences. American universities are the top on all others. The intellectual life in campus is so rich and vibrant.

America is a vast continent with huge natural resources from gold to oil. America is a beautiful country with such diversities of people of various backgrounds and origins. People are generally kind and merry.

America is great. But such greatness of America is not matched in its choice of leaders. There is dearth of political leadership and a steady deterioration from Eisenhower and Kennedy to reach the low level of Obama’s. Poor America. The Congress is controlled by lobbies and the administration is infiltrated by the Zionists.

Poor America who is made to stand against justice and against making peace in the Middle East. Poor America for not being allowed to be honest and faithful to its constitution and the international standards and laws. Poor America that it will is not free. Poor America for standing alone against the whole world only to satisfy the extreme Zionists.

The poor America is punishing Palestine for seeking justice. The Congress decided to withhold 200 millions USD from the Palestinian authority because its leadership dared to ask for the UN membership, while Israel receives three Billions! Well, I believe that Palestine should refuse to take American money because it is used to manipulate and pressure us to surrender our rights. American money in our case is political and dirty.

– Dr. Eyad El Sarraj is a Palestinian psychiatrist from Gaza. He is a recipient of the Physicians for Human Rights Awards. He contributed this article to

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